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"Beauty is Skin-deep" is a phrase that all of us have heard, though this is true when you look at it in a human perspective, it does not apply to a physical store or an online store where the First Impression ‘IS’ the Best Impression! When it comes to your online store, there is no place for a run of the millwork, unique and peculiar designs stick on to the mind of the viewer. The perfect WordPress experts’ design for a business has to be explicit, innate and at the same time be able to create a virtual link between the business and the user.
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WordPress Or No WordPress?

Content Management System has only evolved over the years, and hence you need the right platform to make the most of it. More than 55% of the websites today use WordPress responsive website for their contents. So, there is no doubt that they are the market leaders in the industry. Only 9% of websites use Joomla and a meagre 2% use TYPO3, the rest of them use other types of CMS’s that are cropping up these days.



WordPress CMS Website Design And Development Services


For The Perfect Online Presence!

WordPress has evolved from being a platform that is used just for blogging into being the most widely used CMS all over the world. More than half of the total websites in the world use WordPress, and that simply extends beyond millions. What is it that makes WordPress unique and makes so many people go with it?

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Easy to use

You don’t have to be a WordPress specialist to use WordPress; it is simple and straightforward that enables even a newbie to use it.

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Very secure

It is a highly secured option when compared to its competitors who are far behind. Security is one of the leading aspects that we consider when creating a website for you; there are also a lot of options with different plug-ins that we may choose.

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Your best aid for SEO rankings

Content is King in Digital Marketing & WordPress is the King in CMS. Of all the different CMS platforms that are available today, WordPress is the best if you consider SEO for your website. Easy creation of XML sitemaps, Meta Tags, and other tech opt[G12] ions is possible only with WordPress.

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Easy to update

You can have complete control in the flow of the content. There is no need to request a developer or coder to add in some lines of codes which can simply look like Greek to you! Creating, editing and deleting content is effortless.

Improving Google AMP WordPress Performance

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Page, commonly known as AMP is supported by many companies all over the world especially Google and Twitter. The primary goal of this is to increase the site speed in a way that the website loads quickly. DigitalSEO’s professionals can AMP your website without compromising on the design or the quality of your website, thereby ensuring that your site remains optimized for search engines.
Google AMP Project is here to stay. This makes it imperative to ensure that websites embrace it to gain maximum advantage. WordPress facilitates easy AMP implementation unlike other CMS platforms, which is yet another reason why it is the most preferred CMS in use today. The experts at DigitalSEO,a leading web design and development company in Chennai, can implement Google AMP in your WordPress website in no time.

Beat all your competition by giving your website the Google AMP advantage!

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Why WordPress Is Your Flawless CMS Companion?


When it comes to Digital Marketing, Content is the Nucleus! The content has to be best, unique, explicit for the business and up-to-date. You might wonder as to why many websites are migrating from  HTML to WordPress. The answer is simple, HTML websites are ideal in cases where the content can be stationary, but for a website that needs dynamic content, WordPress is the master!