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Every team member at DigitalSEO understands that today’s market no more works on a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Businesses could boom on this adage in the era that has long gone now. The need of the hour is bespoke designs that fit one's particular and specific needs.

Our in-house development team can expertly sketch, architect and construct customised web applications tailored to meet your unique or even unusual business requirements. From the most straightforward website for a small firm to PHP-based solutions needed for complex business challenges, our specialists can develop any website.

Our decades of website design services in Chennai that too with an array of clients warrant that we can meet head-on any problem you present us.



DigitalSEO’s Web Developers In Chennai Helping to Overcome Fail Factors


Most websites do not comply with the requisites that make a website successful. To understand what makes it succeed, it is pertinent to understand what makes it fail! Here are some popular fail factors that impact online websites today.

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Failure to Include Trust Building Elements

A website should invoke feelings of trust the very second a customer logs on to it. For that, a web design requires aspects of trust building. Failure to do so will make your customers to think twice about doing business with you. When DigitalSEO designs an interface, we conduct repeated tests to ensure that your company looks reputable from the very first glance.

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Message Mismatch

The image, the promise and the expectation a product or service sets through its advertisements should always harmonise with the message conveyed through the website. Even if the web design is top-notch, a message mismatch leads to a customer bouncing onto another website and a low return on investment for you. DigitalSEO ensures that this is not the case for our clients.

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Poor Web Development

No consumer wants to wait even a few minutes for a page to load. The internet demands instant gratification. If your website is not compatible with a specific web browser or mobile friendly, you are going to drop customers like hot potatoes. DigitalSEO, therefore, assures that our coders and back-end developers do beyond their very best when it comes to web-development.

No More Fail Factors! Succeed & Excel!

Why Every Business Needs To Choose PHP Web Technology?

Statistics declare that the number of websites based on PHP has exceeded the 800 million mark. The amount of servers that run on the same technology is also upwards of millions. There is no denying that PHP is jumping the ranks as the most popular web development scripting language.

The undeniable reasons why every business, product or service is opting for PHP are:

 It doesn’t cost a penny as it is open-source.
 It can be customised to meet your requirements, quickly.
 Being inexpensive is only part of the appeal. PHP-based websites are also one of the most secure.
It can be used along with HTML to create dynamic web pages, the very thing the market of today demands.
  It creates the most user-friendly, responsive and functional websites when compared to other languages.

As one of the best providers of web development services, Chennai, we recommend PHP-based solutions because it is included in the ever popular LAMP architecture. The Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP software bundle is affordable, scalable to fit any business capacity and highly secure. It renders the best experience a customer can ask for, ever.

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