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Online Reputation Management In Chennai 

Because Reputation Is Everything!
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We’re the best SEO company in Chennai for building your online reputation for one reason. We don’t believe in shortcuts! There is no cheat sheet for creating and protecting a reputation in the business world. It takes time, focused-effort and an abundance of experience.  Digital SEO has helped measure, monitor, and manage the online health of brands in Tamil Nadu for 9+ years! We’ve worked with firms in Chennai, Tirunelveli, Coimbatore and beyond. That makes us experts in building a good reputation. Scratch that. Great reputation.  As specialists in ORM, we cater to every need of yours. Going the extra mile for our clients, we couple our ORM solutions with all other digital marketing services like SEO and internet marketing. That makes us one of the rare full-service Online Reputation Management companies in Tamil Nadu!

ORM Services - We Build, Repair, and Defend your brand!

  • Building Online Reputation
    In a dog-eat-dog world, Digital SEO builds you a spotless online reputation. We ensure that when people search for you, they find the best stuff!
    Repairing Brand Reputation
    Libel, misinformation and negative reviews are common in this cut-throat world. We look out for you by repairing your brand reputation online.
    Defending Online Sentiment
    We quietly go about defending and improving your brand's online sentiments. Meaning, we activate progressive customer acquisition for you!
  • Staying On Top Of Reviews
    Positive reviews matter. They matter even more when your end users can see them! That’s why we stay on top of your reviews.
    An Eye On The Competition
    Only when you track your competition can you stay one step ahead. By monitoring your competitors, we guarantee your success.
    Monitoring Your Social Buzz
    We keep a sharp eye on your socials and even a sharper one on your mentions to promote a positive image in your target segment.
  • Reputation Management Services For All
    Whether you are a conglomerate or a budding start-up, to us, everyone is the same – a brand who must be on top of their reputation.
    Multi-Dimensional Reputation Campaigns
    Besides erasing negative search results, we improvise your overall search results. Giving you better online visibility.

What We Do - We Look Out For You

Assessing Your Reputation
We evaluate your current brand reputation. Then protect it.
Identifying Your Channel
We look for online mediums that work best for you. Then build your reputation on those.
Developing Your Strategy
We brainstorm a smart strategy for your brand. Then implement it.
Monitor The Results
We measure the effectiveness of the strategy. Then tweak it, as needed.
Image of rating and review in assessing brand reputation

No-Holds-Barred ORM Services

Brand reputation is hard-earned. We safeguard it from a hard-knock. And that’s why you should choose us.
A comprehensive, creative and modern approach to reputation management and public relations.
Amplified business outreach, ensuring more organic customers and loyal users.
More positive reviews and feedback from your customers for a better online reputation.
A specialist team that builds better trust, reliability and transparency to surge your brand ahead.


How will your ORM services improve my brand reputation?
As a leading ORM company in Chennai, we create value for your customer by identifying and communicating with their emotions.
When will your ORM services start showing results?
The duration for our ORM services to work to your advantage is subjective. It may take weeks or months depending on the existing online reputation of your brand.
How will your ORM services handle negative online reviews?
As a leading ORM service provider, we remove reviews that overstep the Terms of Service. When reviews conform to our TOS, we persuade the person concerned to remove or update their negative review.
How do search engines influence my online reputation?
Search engines have the power to make or break a company's online reputation. They discourage users from visiting a website that has negative information or reviews. Which is why we make sure it doesn't happen.
Is it possible to remove all the negative reviews on the website?
Unfortunately, no. Although we can request the webmaster to eliminate the negative reviews, it is not a possibility to completely do away with them.
How will you help my website with this concern?
Our ORM services are aimed at removing negative reviews and shielding the reputation of your business. We do this by enhancing the use of positive words in relation to your business.
How will your ORM services support my brand and business?
Digital SEO's ORM services are aimed at building a positive reputation by eliminating the negative and outdated content from your website. Our tactics improve your SEO results and put a positive shine on your website.
Is Online Reputation Management a necessity?
Certainly! Even a couple of negative reviews or false accusations can massively damage the reputation of your business and impact your sales.And, that is why we take utmost care to boost your transparency and resolve customer complaints.
What is the importance of Online Reputation Management for my business?
Negative complaints and reviews can dent the online reputation of your business and impact the sales and customer retention. With our services, we ensure that we do away with all negative aspects from your website.
ORM Warriors For Leading Brands
Head of Spine Services - Kauvery Hospital 
Managing Director - HAMSA REHAB
I am very pleased to be a client of Digital SEO for almost a year. The entire team is very dedicated, committed and innovative. From having 1 website being managed by them, I decided to use their service for my other websites as well being a satisfied customer. They are very professional and take attention to minute details in their work. So far I am very happy and would highly recommend them. I wish them the very best to grow further.
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