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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is a domain name?

A domain name is the unique identification of your website. In, XYZ is the domain name. After we complete the domain registration for you, no other business can use the same domain name with the same extension

2.Is it necessary to purchase a domain name?

Yes, it is necessary to purchase a domain name if you want to build a website for your business. Besides giving you a unique identification, you use the domain to create a business email address.

3.How do I choose a domain name?

Domain names make a significant impact. We recommend choosing a short and memorable name. Avoid slangs and hyphens. For the domain extension, stick to popular options like .com.

4.How do I register a domain name?

We help you register for the domain name when you buy web hosting services. We help you pick the right domain name, and if it’s available, you can register and buy it. For more information on the process, we recommend reading about it here.

5.Is there any difference between an HTML & CMS website?

Yes, an HTML website is different from a CMS-based website. To make changes in the former, you need a professional. In a CMS-based site, you can make edits on your own!

6.Does it take long to design a site?

It can take 3 to 40 days to design a site based on your requirement. Our template package has a quick turnaround of 3 days. We have a semi-customer package that takes 7 to 20 days. Our custom website package takes more.

7.Is it possible to see a site while it’s in progress?

Yes, it is possible to see a site while it’s in progress. We make sure that our clients have a link to our development server. It allows you to keep an eye on the progress.

8.What content do you need from me to start web designing?

To start web designing, we’ll need from you a thorough company profile including USP, product descriptions, services offered, top quality images, testimonials and contact information.

9.How much will it cost to build a new site?

The cost of building a new site varies based on what kind of website you need and what are your requirements. We recommend not worrying about the budget. We have an option for each

10.What makes you different from other companies?

We are a class apart because our prices are reasonable while our quality is top-notch. We have a failure-proof record, and we deliver work that exceeds expectations.

Corporate Website Design

1.Will you customize my website?

Yes, we will. In fact, all our websites are customized to meet the specifications of our clients. We tailor every aspect of your website and provide you with unlimited user-friendly revisions that enable you to handle the website yourself.

2.Do you do graphics designing?

Most certainly! Our enthusiastic graphic designers can design logos, business cards, flyers, and so much more. We give you unlimited versions until you pick the design of your choice.

3.Can you design SEO friendly websites?

A 100% yes! We are the best company for creating SEO-friendly websites. Our websites are created with compliance to search engine guidelines with exceptional standards and best practices. Our top priority is to ensure that your website gains high rankings.

4.Can you give me an insight into your online marketing services?

Our online services are specifically intended to make your business a consistent winner. Our services include online marking packages like Local SEO, National SEO, PPC Advertising and a lot more.

5.Will my website have a responsive design?

A responsive web design is a mandatory part of our web design services. We ensure that your website is accessible on all mobile devices, because it is a vital parameter that pushes your search engine rankings.

6.Do you have marketing and optimization strategies for my website?

As the creators of your website, we empower it with SEO strategies to attract organic traffic and potential leads. Our optimization strategies involve enhancing metrics and page speed.

7.How good are your safety precautions to protect important data?

We never compromise on the safety of your data. We have a plethora of precautionary measures in place, from limiting the accessibility to deploying an excellent defense mechanism, to protect your data.

8.As your client, what are the details that I should provide for my website?

  • We will definitely require your logo, contact details, product photos, descriptions, and any related content. You can also contact our team to clarify your doubts or give us updates
  • Give me a few good reasons why I should choose Digital SEO to design my website.
  • Digital SEO has been in business for 9 years and this experience enables us to create customized websites that represent and build your business.

9.What will be the duration taken to complete my website?

The duration of a website project is very subjective because it entirely depends on the complexity of your website specifications. However, we assure you that there will be no delay from our end, because we believe in timely delivery.

10.Will you support my website with after-sales services?

Certainly. We are committed towards extending our after-sales services to all our clients regarding maintenance, technical problems or upgrades.

11.What strategies will you deploy to update my website?

The strategies we adopt for your website will depend on your requirements in terms of its functionality and information. We can spruce up your website in numerous cost-effective ways and make it relevant to the changing times.

12.How will you ensure the visibility and availability of my website?

At Digital SEO, we are endowed with web hosting services that has rarely let us down. Besides, we are well-equipped to deal with any technical issue from our servers.

13.How are static and Dynamic websites different from each other?

A static website remains the same unless you update it manually. Dynamic websites are visually appealing because their content changes with response to the info given by the site's visitor.

14.What are the features of a good business/corporate website?

A good corporate website will have regularly updated quality content, it will be easy to use and will definitely have a great visitor to customer conversion rate. At Digital SEO, we help you build the best business websites that can catapult you to the top

WordPress Web Development

1.Can you explain what WordPress is?

WordPress is a content management system that allows you to create a site or a blog. The web publishing software is one of the most popular in the world. It powers most of the sites on the internet.

2.What makes WordPress the top choice?

WordPress is the top choice because the CMS is user-friendly. It gives you a clean, aesthetical website that you edit on your own without knowing anything about coding!

3.Will you develop custom themes and plugins for my website?

Of course, we will! Our WordPress services include custom themes and plugins that cater to the specifications of our clients. We are armed with the expertise to create functional layouts that enhances user appeal.

4.How does Wordpress work to my advantage?

Word Press is the most preferred open source Content Management System. Used by more than 70 million websites, it comes absolutely free of cost. At Digital SEO, we harness the power of WordPress to reduce development costs and time.

5.Can you help me update my WordPress website?

Of course, we can! Our team will take a good look at your existing website and assess the changes and upgrades as per your specifications.

6.Is it possible to see the WordPress design before you start working on it?

Yes, you can! Your approval is imperative for us to go forward with the project. We update you on project mock-ups, and wireframes so that you have a good idea of our strategies.

7.Who will write the content for my WordPress website?

You can avail our content writing services at a reasonable pricing. Our content writing team will spruce up your website with the power of words!

8.Can you give me an approximate idea of your payment modes?

For projects above XXXXX,we charge 30% when you sign up, 30% on completion of design elements, and 40% on project delivery. For projects below XXXXX, it is 100% upfront payment.For a detailed discussion of payment modes, please connect with us on 9283183983 or email us at [email protected].

E-Commerce Website Development

1.Can you explain what an eCommerce platform is?

An eCommerce platform allows you to manage online sales of your products or services. There are multiple eCommerce platform vendors in the market, and we can help you pick the one best suited to your requirements.

2.Why should I have an eCommerce site?

You should have an eCommerce site because today’s customers love to shop online. Without an eCommerce platform, you cannot sell your product or service on the internet. Besides that, with an e-Store, your reach increases.

3.How do I pick the best platform for my eCommerce website?

There are few things to consider while picking the best platform for your eCommerce website. What items do you sell? Do you want inventory management? What payment gateways does it allow?

4.What is required to build an eCommerce site?

To build an eCommerce site, you’ll require a web hosting service, a domain name, an eCommerce platform, an integrated payment gateway and a strategy for the next year.

5.What SEO capabilities do you integrate into eCommerce sites?

All our eCommerce sites are search engine optimised. We integrate any SEO tool and plug-in that you want. It makes sure that the store is indexable by all search engines

6.What are the advantages of having a customized CMS for my website?

CMS or Content Marketing Strategy is a weapon that we use to bring in organic traffic. To enable search engines to find your website, we create CMS that is SEO-friendly.

7.What are the platforms that you would recommend?

Based on our usage, WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, Opencart and Shopify are some of the platforms that we highly recommend for your e-commerce website.

8.Can I contact you if my website has technical issues after being launched?

You most definitely can. Our customer services are par excellence, and we will be ready to help you with any queries.

9.Will I need technical knowledge to run my online store?

No, you will not need technical knowledge to run your online store. We are adept at building applications that you manage easily. All you need is basic computer knowledge. We can train you in that too!

10.Can you build a complex, customised site for my business?

Yes, we can build a complex and customised site for your business. Our years of experience ranges from simple websites to complicated eCommerce sites with hundreds of products. We are more than capable of providing you a tailored experience.

11.What all will be included in my e-commerce site?

All elements needed in your e-commerce site- from a thorough catalogue of products to an integrated shopping cart, from a secure checkout to order management, we’ll incorporate every feature. We’ve compiled a more thorough list of elements for you.

12.How long will it take to build my eCommerce Website?

How long it takes to build your eCommerce website depends on your project needs. If you opt for essential functions and have a limited product range, it will be faster. Full-stack functionalities and a lot of products take more time.

13.Will my eCommerce site be mobile-friendly?

Yes, your eCommerce site will be mobile-friendly. We create responsive UIs so that your customers can shop straight from whatever gadget they use. It ensures that you don’t lose any traffic.

14.Do you build SEO-friendly eCommerce websites?

Yes, all our eCommerce websites are SEO-friendly. It ensures that your online store is visible on Google and other search engines. It allows more traffic to pour into your site!

15.Will I be able to see my e-commerce site while it’s being built?

For sure, you can see your e-commerce site while it is being built. We use a transparent development process. We’ll give you regular updates, along with detailed reports. Our design team will ensure that your feedback is incorporated.

16.Do I own all the source codes built by the offshore team?

Yes, you will own all the source codes that are built by your offshore team. They are protected under intellectual property rights, which considers them as yours.

Website Development

1.Are Static and Dynamic websites one and the same?

Not at all. A static website is written in plain HTML language, while a Dynamic website uses more complex codes. We are experts in creating Dynamic websites that are budget friendly and easy to maintain.

2.What is Digital SEO's USP in website development?

Apart from having a vast experience in website development, we are masters of creating content, adapting to trends and resolving issues.Our dedication to achieving perfection and commitment to staying connected with our clients is what makes us excel.

3.How can I avoid hiring the wrong web development company?

Never choose a company based on the low prices rates. However low the rates are, using outdated technology and commencing their work from Coding are signs that you have chosen the wrong web development company.

4.Give me some pointers to hire a good website development company.

While there are several factors that matter, you must look for experience, technical expertise, creativity, great team work, excellent communication, etc. Digital SEO ticks all the boxes that make it a great choice for website development.

5.What do I gain by choosing Digital SEO to develop my website?

With Digital SEO, your project is in good hands, because we work with utmost focus and keep you updated on every aspect of the project. We also offer the most cost-effective prices .

6.What makes Digital SEO the best web development company in Chennai?

A plethora of factors like creativity, teamwork, consistent communication, adaptation to latest trends and implementation of good SEO strategies make us the best web development company in Chennai.

7.What are the factors that decide the prime objective of building a website?

At Digital SEO, our aim is to give you a responsive, SEO-friendly website. They are the two main factors that boost your search engine rankings, which is the prime objective of building a website.

8.What is the approximate duration for website development?

The time taken for website development is determined by the client's specifications. It can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to 40 days to complete a project.

9.Will I receive updates on the progress of my website?

Of course, you will. In fact, we will keep you updated on the developments right from day one. We can also arrange to give you updates over Skype or email, which ever you prefer.

10.What is the cost of developing a website?

It is your website requirements that determine how much money you will be shelling out. Digital SEO offers you web development services that are the most reasonable and affordable. Factors like design, functionality, marketing and integration also determine the cost.

11.Can I avail website redesign services from Digital SEO?

Yes, you can. We specialize in redesigning outdated websites by giving them a complete overhaul to enhance the user experience.

UI & UX Designs

1.What are the specializations of a User Experience(UX) design agency?

UX agencies specialize in enhancing user experience, building mobile app User Interface (UI) and B2B software.Based on their functionality and design, there are many subtypes of UX agencies.

2.How will your UI/UX design build my business?

Our UI/UX designs are intended to reinforce customer satisfaction and Return of Investment. We understand the importance of creating interactive UI/UX to keep users engaged.

3.How conducive are UX services for the success of my business?

UX services define your customer's satisfaction because they provide a positive experience with your website. Digital SEO's UX services positively influence conversion rates, user retention and loyalty to your brand.

4.What are the UX and UI services I can expect from Digital SEO?

Our UI/UX services include responsive web applications, prototypes, Wire framing, UI design and development for desktops and mobiles. We aim to create flexible, user-centric models that give a world-class UI/UX experience.

5.Will your UI services help to showcase my product?

Definitely! With our excellent UI services, we infuse your digital products with visual appeal that provokes the reaction and curiosity of the user. Our UI strategies also enable the user to be well-informed about the benefits of your product.

6.Is it possible to see the UX design?

UX designs cannot necessarily be seen, but they can be felt and experienced. For example, a user will be able to feel if a product has a good or bad user experience.

7.Can you explain the importance of visual and technical dimensions of UI?

Visual and technical dimensions are the very definition of UI. Micro-interaction, scrolling, images, colours, fonts, links and artistic creativity are some of the minute aspects that make our UI visually appealing and technically brilliant.

8.How will you enhance the UX of my product?

The very aim of our UX service is to project your product in such a way that its visual appeal seamlessly merges with the user's perception and expectation of your product.

Responsive Web Designs

1.What makes Digital SEO the best choice for responsive web designs?

Digital SEO boasts a top ranking on Google for "responsive web designing in Chennai", which is testimony enough of our impeccable service. With transparent pricing and an expert team, we are the best buy .

2.How will you make my website mobile-friendly?

As the leading responsive web design company in Chennai, we implement state-of-art technology to match your requirements. We also update our strategies to cater to the latest trendy features of responsive web design.

3.How will you ensure that my website is responsive?

Our web designing team ensures that your website is device-friendly by implementing a single design code to resize and reframe the website to adapt to the screen size.

4.Is it crucial for my startup business to have a responsive design?

Absolutely crucial! A responsive web design enables mobile users to access your website from any device, most importantly, a smartphone. With our responsive design services, we enable you to garner a huge customer base.

5.Will my website design project be completed and delivered on time?

At Digital SEO, we have an unwavering policy of completing our projects without any delay. Our coordinated teamwork will ensure that we design and handover your responsive websites in 30 days or less.

6.Can I make safe payment transactions on your portal?

Yes, you can. We have fortified our payment gateways with built-in HTTPS and SSL certificates. We take extra precaution to assure that all sensitive transaction information is safe and secure.

7.Can your responsive web design accelerate the growth of my business?

Most certainly! Our one-size-fits-all approach helps you garner a bigger customer base, pushes conversion rates and reduces bounce rates. Customers love our websites that can be accessed anywhere at anytime.

8.Why is responsive web design so important?

At Digital SEO, we want to ensure that your website is accessible on all devices, especially the smartphone. More than 90% of your customers will be accessing your website on their mobiles, rather than desktops.

9.Is a responsive web design an important prerequisite?

Of course, it is! A responsive web design gives your website the massive advantage of being accessible on all screens. Remember that Google prefers responsive websites and being mobile is the future of internet!

10.How will you create my website and its applications?

We have a standardized, basic design process for all our website development packages.We strongly believe in result-oriented methodologies that fulfill your specifications.

11.How much do you charge for your web design services?

We provide web design services at a nominal cost that will not put a strain on your budget. Our services are worth every penny you spend.

12.Why is DS the best responsive web designing company?

DS is powered by a team of well-trained web design professionals who have the prowess to create responsive websites that cater to unique business requirements.Our services focus on increasing traffic, leads and conversion rates

Magento Web Development

1.What are the platforms that are used by Digital SEO to develop e-commerce websites?

At Digital SEO, we are backed by an expert e-commerce team that work on platforms like Magento, WordPress, Shopify and Open cart to create your e-commerce websites.

2.How much should I invest to have my own e-commerce website?

The cost of having your e-commerce website is determined by your requirements. Digital SEO has the vast experience of creating websites for numerous business enterprises with cost-effective pricing.

3.Can you integrate a payment gateway to a Magento site?

Yes, we can integrate a payment gateway to your Magento site. Our dev team takes exceptional care of payment gateways and is capable of integrating PayPal, BillDesk and more. We always recommend standard gateways.

4.How do you improve site loading speed?

We use numerous speed optimization techniques to improve loading speed. From Ajax/Lazy loading to indexing MySQL table, from deploying CDN to limiting HTTP requests, we do it all. Because there are so many ways to lessen load time.

5.Can you add new functionalities to a Magento store after development?

Yes! We can add new functionalities to a Magento store after development. The flexible platform has plenty of free extension for this. But to ensure no glitch occurs, we offer this feature as part of our services.

6.Why are you the best Magento development company in Chennai?

We are the best Magento development company in Chennai because we have the skill and experience. We build a site only after meticulously understanding your needs. And we do it at an affordable cost.

7.Why is Magento the best choice for an eCommerce site?

Magento is the best choice for an eCommerce site because it has all the necessary features. Plus, we can customize the site according to your vision without impacting the core files of Magento.

8.Can you take on a custom Magento 2 development project?

Of course, yes! Our developers are certified to take on any Magento 2 development project. We can help you start a custom project right now. We’ve spoken about customer Magento 2 development thoroughly just for you


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