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SEM or Search Engine Marketing is imbibed in the DNA of Digital SEO like no other. We are a team of internet marketing experts who spearhead SEM campaigns with Aplomb. With DigitalSEO, your SEO specialist in Chennai you can reach out to your potential customers where the buying cycle commences through our best market practices.

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We optimize sites to bring you striking conversions with the help of impressive traffic.

Our 9+ years of expertise in the field of Digital Marketing in the Chennai B2B and B2C markets have helped us master the nuances of Search Engine Marketing with ease. Be it online reputation management, link management, or pay-per-click Ads, we carefully blend SEM tactics to catapult your ROI higher.

Our magnetic combination of Ad copies and keywords drives more sales and offers you instant leads. We make use of smart keyword analysis to target the right customers at the right time. On-time delivery of services that fits your budget is what makes us unique. Today, we spread our wings of SEM services all across Tamil Nadu and soar high all over the globe to offer services that leave lasting impressions.

Our SEM Services- Ticking All The Right Boxes To Converse, Convert & Capture

The Perfect Blend Of SEM & SMO

We create the perfect balance and combination of SEM and SMO to uplift your brand image, facilitate conversions and beckon traffic to your site.

Astounding Adwords Management

Grow beyond the search box with our single platform integrated Adwords management services in Chennai that impresses you with results.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Pioneers

We bring hyper qualified traffic to your website with the help of the most effective marketing mediums to generate convertible leads to your landing pages.

What We Do - Strategic, Exemplary & Multifaceted SEM

Explosive Pay Per Click campaigns that promotes your products and services in a click
Ingenious videos and banners that hooks your visitors and spark conversions
In-depth research methodologies that help you find the right audience for your Ads
Meticulous calculations to find the right time to run an Ad and gain leads
Remarketing and retargeting campaigns that help to trigger conversion rates
Analyzing, optimizing and implementing your marketing campaigns in such a way that you get the best results within your budget limits
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Why Us? Because, We Reign The Boulevards Of SEM In Chennai

In-depth keyword- specific researches
Accurate predictions and futuristic strategies
Proven and unique tactics to achieve double outreach
Exemplary optimization techniques
Premium-quality services by professional experts
Continuous innovations based on precise trend analysis
Boosted click-rates for your website
Dexterous retargeting methods
Produce an instant spike in the number of leads generated.


What is Search Engine Marketing?
Search Engine Marketing or SEM promotes your websites by amplifying its visibility on search engines like Google. We do it through optimization, which helps you rank higher organically. We also do it via advertising, which is paid search that makes you visible from day 1.
What are the perks of SEM?
There are many perks of SEM. When you partner with us, our SEM services drive more traffic to your site. This gets you more visitors, who eventually turn into paying customers. The cost-effective method is an exhaustive topic.
As an SEM firm, how do you handle PPC campaigns?
One of the tools in SEM is paid advertising. That’s where PPC or pay per click campaigns come in. We recraft your website architecture via PPC and Google Ads to get you a higher ranking on SERPs. 
What are the different types of Google Ads?
There are five kinds of Google Ads – Search, App, Display, Video and Shopping. When you hire us for SEM, we make sure that your business benefits from each one of these Google Ads.
Is there a difference between SEM and SEO?
Yes, there are many differences between SEM and SEO. SEM gives you paid traffic, while SEO traffic doesn’t cost. SEM is a mix of inbound and outbound marketing. SEO is only inbound. SEM gives short-term results, SEO long term.
What makes Digital SEO one of the best SEM Companies in Chennai?
We’re the best SEM company in Chennai because we have an exceptionally skilled and experienced team. Couple this with our hunger for success, and we always take the extra mile for our clients.
Why should I partner with Digital SEO for SEM?
You should partner with us for SEM for many reasons. One, we increase your sales. Two, we are masters at keyword search – the mecca of SEM and SEO. Three, we promote your business on all the search engines.
Stay Simple, Stay Focused, Stay Creative And Stun The Search Engine Marketing
The Words Say It All!
Head of Spine Services - Kauvery Hospital 
Managing Director - HAMSA REHAB
I am very pleased to be a client of Digital SEO for almost a year. The entire team is very dedicated, committed and innovative. From having 1 website being managed by them, I decided to use their service for my other websites as well being a satisfied customer. They are very professional and take attention to minute details in their work. So far I am very happy and would highly recommend them. I wish them the very best to grow further.
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