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Frequently Asked Questions

Social Media Marketing

1.What is Digital Marketing?

In simple terms Digital Marketing is the use of the various Internet channels to reach potential customers. It is a very broad field and involves strategies and techniques such as SEO, SMM, Content marketing etc., targeting specific audiences. The topic requires an elaborate understanding and hence we recommend you to visit our blogs to know more.

2.How does Digital Marketing work?

The primary focus of Digital Marketing is converting a one time website visitor to a returning loyal patron. It works using different strategies stitched together to drive more traffic and conversions to a business website. There is no “one technique fits all” concept in this. Check out our detailed article to learn how a customised strategy can be devised for your business.

3.How does Online Internet Marketing help grow your business?

Digital marketing works well for small or large businesses alike. By targeting marketing and advertising strategies on the right audience through the ideal channel, businesses get a level and cost-effective playing field for overcoming competition which inturn enables growth. To know more about how a focused digital marketing effort can help your business, check out our insights here.

4.How can Digital Marketing help in promoting your business goal?

When it comes to promotion of the brand, it is recommended that you use the primary marketing channels - social media, content marketing, pay-per-click advertising, etc for a better reach and engagement. You can also combine any of these digital channels to achieve the desired results.

5.Will Digital Marketing bring leads?

The sole purpose of our digital marketing services is to lead your business towards success. Successful leads are a direct result of an effective digital marketing strategy. Expert digital marketing companies ensure that you walk-along with your prospective buyers nurturing them with all the information to get to know your brand better before making a purchasing decision.

6.What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the technique of optimizing your business website so that it is discoverable by users from relevant searches in the popular search engines like Google, Bing, etc. The chances of your website appearing at the top of search results depends on how effective the SEO strategy is. SEO is an ocean. To know more, dive right into our detailed SEO guide.

7.What does a Digital Marketing Company actually do?

It’s true that digital marketing agencies have reshaped how the brands and their customers are engaged online. We don’t have magical wands, but a well-thought out process to make this happen. Best digital marketing companies, analyse your website traffic, determine the best platforms to channelise efforts, and constantly try to strike the right balance between the marketing efforts and the results they provide.

8.Why should you hire a Digital Marketing agency?

Hiring a specialist digital marketing agency is your best bet to sustain your online business. By engaging dedicated experts you can focus on running your business while we collaborate with you to create strategies that make you win. Find out what makes us the best digital marketing specialists in Chennai.

9.What differentiates us from other digital marketing companies in Chennai?

Our quality and commitment speak for us. Unlike other digital marketing agencies in Chennai, we provide uniquely formulated, fully packaged services without alienating SEO, SEM, Content marketing etc. A streamlined process and a transparent work culture makes us stand apart from the competition. We listen; we understand; we collaborate to ensure your brand is flying high.

10.How does SEO work?

Search engines are built around search algorithms that consist of over 200 ranking factors to determine and display the most relevant and high-quality websites in the search results. It is the role of SEO specialists to understand these algorithms and factors and optimize websites accordingly. To learn more about the nuances behind SEO activities, check out our comprehensive SEO guide.

11.What makes SEO so important?

Through a million searches every day, people are searching for products or services that they intend to buy or pay for. SEO enables businesses to connect with users actively searching for them. Users trust search engines and a spot in the top positions of search results improves trust. Thus, SEO when done right, increases the credibility of your brand.

12.What activities does an SEO agency do?

As a reputable SEO agency, this is what we do at Digital SEO. We PROPEL your business forward!
P - Plan by doing a website audit, analyzing your site structure & content
R - Research & Identify strengths and weaknesses of the competition
O - Optimize for Onpage & Technical SEO factors
P - Performance tracking
E - Evaluate SEO strategy to improve performance
L - Log reports & provide updates

13.What makes us the most trusted SEO company in Chennai?

Digital SEO is a leading SEO Company in Chennai providing superior SEO services catering to different niche and serving businesses big & small. As masters at the art, we ensure our SEO services are tailored to meet individual needs of our customers. With a transparent approach to strategizing, we ensure maximum ROI for your business.

1.Is social media presence vital for my business?

Yes, absolutely. A social media presence is vital for your business. With our help, you can use networking platforms to connect with customers, amplify awareness, get more leads and up your sales.

2.How does social media optimisation help my business?

Social media optimisation helps you create a plan that maximises the performance of your campaigns. By partnering with us for SMO, you’ll connect better with your community, and strengthen your business.

3.What social media platforms do you handle?

We handle plenty of social media platforms. To name some - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Reddit. If you are interested in other social media, we can work on that too.

4.What tools do you utilise for social media?

We utilise tens of tools for social media. Google Trends and BuzzSumo are apparent. But we move beyond the basic to give you the best SMO possible. We also use Buffer Publish, Buffer Reply, Unsplash, Canva, Feedly, and Animoto.

5.How do I measure the success of social media marketing?

Most social media sites have an in-built analytics tool that helps you measure the success of your social media marketing. They keep track of shares, views, and other engagement metrics. As SMO marketers, it is part of our core job.

6.How should I use Facebook for business marketing?

To use Facebook for business marketing, you need to establish clear goals. Then build a style guide to maintain a consistent brand tone and voice. We can help you with both and more.

7.When will I see results from social media marketing?

When do you start seeing results from social media marketing is subjective. It depends upon the strategy, what your audience wants, your consistency and more. You can read more about it here.

8.Is social media optimisation same for B2B and B2C businesses?

No, SMO is not the same for B2B and B2C businesses. It is a useful tool for both, but the strategies required are poles apart. We are masters in creating goals and content for both types of business.

Search Engine Marketing

1.What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing or SEM promotes your websites by amplifying its visibility on search engines like Google. We do it through optimization, which helps you rank higher organically. We also do it via advertising, which is paid search that makes you visible from day 1.

2.What are the perks of SEM?

There are many perks of SEM. When you partner with us, our SEM services drive more traffic to your site. This gets you more visitors, who eventually turn into paying customers. The cost-effective method is an exhaustive topic.

3.As an SEM firm, how do you handle PPC campaigns?

One of the tools in SEM is paid advertising. That’s where PPC or pay per click campaigns come in. We recraft your website architecture via PPC and Google Ads to get you a higher ranking on SERPs.

4.What are the different types of Google Ads?

There are five kinds of Google Ads – Search, App, Display, Video and Shopping. When you hire us for SEM, we make sure that your business benefits from each one of these Google Ads.

5.Is there a difference between SEM and SEO?

Yes, there are many differences between SEM and SEO. SEM gives you paid traffic, while SEO traffic doesn’t cost. SEM is a mix of inbound and outbound marketing. SEO is only inbound. SEM gives short-term results, SEO long term.

6.What makes Digital SEO one of the best SEM company in Chennai?

We’re the best SEM company in Chennai because we have an exceptionally skilled and experienced team. Couple this with our hunger for success, and we always take the extra mile for our clients.

7.Why should I partner with Digital SEO for SEM?

You should partner with us for SEM for many reasons. One, we increase your sales. Two, we are masters at keyword search – the mecca of SEM and SEO. Three, we promote your business on all the search engines.

Online Reputation Management

1.How will your ORM services improve my brand reputation?

As a leading ORM company in Chennai, we create value for your customer by identifying and communicating with their emotions.

2.When will your ORM services start showing results?

The duration for our ORM services to work to your advantage is subjective. It may take weeks or months depending on the existing online reputation of your brand.

3.How will your ORM services handle negative online reviews?

As a leading ORM service provider, we remove reviews that overstep the Terms of Service. When reviews conform to our TOS, we persuade the person concerned to remove or update their negative review.

4.How do search engines influence my online reputation?

Search engines have the power to make or break a company's online reputation. They discourage users from visiting a website that has negative information or reviews. Which is why we make sure it doesn't happen.

5.Is it possible to remove all the negative reviews on the website?

Unfortunately, no. Although we can request the webmaster to eliminate the negative reviews, it is not a possibility to completely do away with them.

6.How will you help my website with this concern?

Our ORM services are aimed at removing negative reviews and shielding the reputation of your business. We do this by enhancing the use of positive words in relation to your business.

7.How will your ORM services support my brand and business?

Digital SEO's ORM services are aimed at building a positive reputation by eliminating the negative and outdated content from your website. Our tactics improve your SEO results and put a positive shine on your website.

8.Is Online Reputation Management a necessity?

Certainly! Even a couple of negative reviews or false accusations can massively damage the reputation of your business and impact your sales.And, that is why we take utmost care to boost your transparency and resolve customer complaints.

9.What is the importance of Online Reputation Management for my business?

Negative complaints and reviews can dent the online reputation of your business and impact the sales and customer retention. With our services, we ensure that we do away with all negative aspects from your website.

Google Analytics

1.Whom must I contact for guidance on Google Analytics?

Give us a call @ 9283183983 or simply click the below button for comprehensive guidance on Google Analytics.

2.What are the advantages of using GA 360?

GA 360 is a platform that provides enterprise teams with tools to derive valuable data with actionable insights. At Digital SEO, we deploy GA 360 to access hundreds of customizable dimensions and metrics which throw light on website performance.

3.How does GA 360 benefit my website?

GA 360 is armed to boost integrations and data quality. With GA 360, our team has the advantage of accessing Data-driven attribution and BigQuery Export. Moreover, we gain the ability to handle millions of sessions with sampled reports. We also provide round the clock support.

4.What makes Digital SEO the best GA consultant for my business?

Over the years, our insights and ability to deduce data from Google Analytics has made us experts in interpreting the data to foresee the impact for e-commerce ventures.

5.What are the components of your Google Analytics consulting package?

Digital SEO's Google Analytics consulting package comes with a comprehensive audit of the setup, data tracking, identifying areas of improvement, data-driven insights and much more.

6.How are the benefits of Google Analytics Data for my business?

Google Analytics Data is a technical marvel that powers your sales and increases customer satisfaction.This is an exhaustive topic which we have discussed in detail.

Content Writing Services

1.How can I choose the best content writers for my blog?

A good blog should be an informative one which engages the readers and make them come back for more. Our team of professional blog writers have the acumen to write intriguing blogs on topics for your target audience.

2.How important is a company profile and who writes it?

A company profile is a formal introduction to your enterprise that gives clients a glimpse into your products, policies and work ethics. Our team of prolific writers are adept in creating company profiles that establish a positive first impression.

3.What is Technical Content and who writes it?

Technical content aims at educating readers about how to use a product. We have a team of technical writers with superior writing skills , experience and the know-how of creating content for user manuals, repair manuals, medical studies, press releases and catalogs.

4.What is content writing and how will it shape my business?

Content writing is a digital marketing strategy that uses online writing to boost marketing campaigns. Our content writing team delivers original, fresh and relevant content that goes on your websites and blogs to reach your target audience

5.How will your content marketing strategy help my business?

Our content marketing strategies are aimed at showcasing your business to your target audience and help you build your brand reach.

6.Are your content writing services integrated with SEO?

Yes, definitely. We infuse the content with SEO optimization factors like keyword density, external and internal links, body tags and Alt tags, after a thorough study of the Google algorithm and On-page SEO functions.

7.Is a blog necessary for my website?

The success of a marketing campaign depends on successful delivery of the content. Our blogs are powerful tools that flaunt our content, and thereby, your brand name and product.So, yes, a blog is an absolute necessity for your website.

8.Will I receive copyrights for the contents on my website?

At Digital SEO, we have an unfaltering policy of handing over exclusive copyrights for the documents you have paid for. With that comes the complete liberty of utilizing the contents to your satisfaction

9.How will your content garner the attention of people who browse the net?

At Digital SEO, we create quality content that ignites the interest and curiosity of people to not just visit your website but also subscribe to it. Our headlines are crowd-pullers that target the right audience and generate organic traffic.

PPC Services

1.How does PPC marketing help you?

PPC or Pay-per-click marketing helps you because it is a cost-effective method of advertising. Plus, it is flexible enough to adjust ads and target your audience better. With us, you get trackable PPC, meaning you see how your ads are doing in real-time.

2.Is it true that people really click on PPC ads?

Yes, it is true. People do click on PPC ads, but the number is very minute – less than 10%. That’s why we focus on more organic and paid ads. It ensures that you get the best possible outcome.

3.Why is my Quality Score important, and how do I increase it?

Your Google Quality score is important because it gives you better ad rank on PPC. We can help you increase it by using the right keywords, checking reports of impression shares, make the ad structure more relevant.

4.How are PPC services charged?

PPC services are charged on Cost Per Click. This is calculated during Google’s ad auction. The cost per click is determined using your quality score and your maximum bid. The process is complicated, and we can help you understand it better.

5.What makes your PPC service unique?

Our PPC management services are unique because we work on dual fronts. One, we amplify your conversions through paid ads. And two, we help generate more revenue for your business.

Content Marketing

1.Who will write quality contents for us?

Our team of writers are well-versed in creating SEO optimised content that define your business,brand,product and service. Hence,rather than opting to outsource your contents, you can rest assured that our team will get it done with high-quality writing.

2.Is it vital to update content on a regular basis on my website?

Absolutely. Search engines look out for the latest relevant content, which is a vital parameter to promote your rankings. That is why we regularly revitalize your website with high-quality content.

3.What makes your content marketing services unique?

We utilize great tools to create content that resonates with your customers and business objectives. We blend our content writing services with digital advertising to gain maximum advantage to leverage your brand.

4.What is the need for content marketing be an important part of my website?

Content is what puts your product or service out there, and allows your brand name to shine. Our content marketing strategies are integrated, streamlined and focussed on your target audience to connect with them on a personal level.

5.How is Digital SEO's content marketing beneficial for my business?

Our brilliant content marketing strategies endow you with immensely beneficial business leads, increase in organic traffic to your website, and beef up your Domain Authority.

6.What is the idea behind content marketing?

The idea behind content marketing is to create a bond with your target audience and inform them about your products/services in a friendly manner. It also shows them the value of your products/services.

7.How do you market my content?

We have a double forte. We are adept at generating digital content and marketing it. We do so by using social media sites, influencers and highly targeted online ads.

8.Will content marketing be important in the future?

Yes, content marketing will be important in the future. We are living in a digital era, and content marketing is the best way to get the word out there and expand a business.

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