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All About Cloud Solutions India

Cloud Solutions India is a steadfast Salesforce.com (SFDC) solutions provider specialized in training and consulting services. We provide customized Salesforce CRM training, targeting both individuals and businesses. We are stacked with technical expertise with profound industry know-how. We accelerate our business to shift along with the technological leaps.

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Framing A Business Plan

Framing a proper business plan was the most important to achieve our SEO goals. We sat together discussed the possible methods which will aid in lead generation, conversion and customer retention. With a proposed online marketing mix and evaluation of competition a complete end to end plan was developed.

Website Redesign

We launched a customised website that not only shows people what Cloud Solutions is all about but also acts as a catalogue of the trainings offered by them, highlighting the ones that attract their target market segment. To further improve their online presence our expert content writers handcrafted each and every word that you see on that site.

Social Media Visibility

With Cloud Solutions we took a different approach and broke down barriers of one-way interactions. We made allowances for three-way communication between the trainers at Cloud Solutions, trainees and potential trainees, thereby opening the window of opportunity to reach out to customers while keeping the current crop interested with regular info and inputs.

Introducing Chats

With the basics done to the T, there were more visitors and lead generating lists but the conversions weren’t happening as much as it was expected. To fill this void, we introduced chats in the home page, which prompted those who are interested to interact with the representative thereby facilitating conversations and thereby increasing conversions.

Web Architecture

Having designed a full branding system to match business objectives and reach the target market segment, we handcrafted the web architecture to give them a professional high quality site that created new leads, enabled them to sell their services and stay connected with their customers.

List Building

Our list building was targeted and converting visitors to customers. To accomplish this, we made use of opt-in forms of opt-in with lead generation forms in every possible page of the website starting from the home page. This ensured that all visitors got a clear and compelling offer to get on the list.


Our biggest challenge was to work with limited advertising budgets. Being a new business, Cloud Solutions could not afford on spending money on advertising channels that were ineffective or that may not bring in additional business. We had to be certain that every dollar spent on advertising offers a good ROI. Our Adwords hence were handpicked after careful analysis to ensure that not a dime was spent unnecessarily by our clients. We used geo-targeting that enabled to show the ad only to specific geographical areas. With this option, Cloud Solutions was able to reach out to relevant local audience. This allowed us to sketch a plan that facilitated target spending where there was easy access to the centre. In spite of the website having a national presence, the campaigns were targeted on a local level for maximising results.

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