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Learn How Search Engine Marketing Dominates Over Traditional Advertising

Learn How Search Engine Marketing Dominates Over Traditional Advertising

Businesses expanding their frontiers in the global arena, find Search Engine Marketing a useful and affordable tool to reach to the target audience. So, what is Search Engine Marketing? It is designed to get your business higher up the search engine ladder. This status can be achieved through various digital marketing campaigns. It is a paid campaign to where the highest bidder is placed on the top. Statistics reveal that 93% of consumers worldwide opt for search engines to locate products and services. Therefore, it is important for business owners to opt for professional digital marketing services in Chennai. Before that understand the difference between SEM and traditional advertising and how the former brings potential traffic to your website.

Traditional Marketing And Its Decline

Illustration of end to end process involved in Search Engine Marketing

Advertisements in the newspapers, magazines and other print media, classified, trade shows, TV and radio ads are referred to as traditional marketing. The changes in the consumer behaviour and the paradigm shift towards internet technology are responsible for the decline of traditional advertisements. Though, it is has been proved to yield results in the past, in today’s fast paced world, with mobile internet technology and smartphones almost becoming a household feature, SEM has a highly dominating presence. Traditional advertising focuses on a particular location.

The fall in the traditional advertising format is due to its repeated content. The ads are blaring on the TV and radio all the time that audience is forced to switch channels to skip ads to watch their favourite program, which means the investment on the returns are very low. Despite reaching a larger audience size, the advertisement is not targeted and hence can go wasted. People who walk into the store watching the advertisement may not end up buying the product or service. So the amount spent on the leads is very high as traditional advertisement comes at a big cost. The cost invested to generate leads using conventional advertising techniques defeats the purpose when it comes to conversion rates. This type of marketing campaign is out of the reach of small and medium business.

The Rise Of Search Engine Marketing

The aim of the best SEM company in Chennai is to rank the advertiser on the top using paid campaign. This type of advertising medium is purely practiced on the internet. The digital marketing campaign is about the content and information to satisfy people who want answers. The growth of SEM is attributed to small business who cannot afford conventional advertising. Now they can compete with larger businesses by providing credible information optimized by search engine strategies to bring leads to their business.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Vs Traditional Advertising

The two are a world apart. They come from two different eras yet live in coexistence.

  • SEM is accurate and reaches to target audience while traditional marketing is vague yet reaches to a larger audience.
  • SEM is efficient. The ad is posted and despite the waiting time, there is a definite lead generation.
  • SEM is an affordable marketing option for small businesses, whereas in traditional marketing only big companies take to the centre stage. The former is definitely a level playing ground.
  • Traditional marketing is 61% expensive in comparison to SEM
  • The results are instant in PPC campaign
  • Making a comparison online is very simple, the best offers are out in the open and the consumer gets a better exposure to products and services. Here only the best can win.
  • In SEM everything is transparent. The advertiser is an open book. The consumer is given an opportunity to interact with the business without budging from their place to understand the brand better before making an investment.
  • In SEM the consumer reaches the advertiser as they have a need for the product or services. The advertiser should use the right keywords to grab the attention of the customer. Here the target audiences are the major focus. In traditional marketing, the advertiser has to approach the consumer and convince them to make a sale. Here there is no focus and the marketer advertiser has to shout to sell their products.
  • Business can improve within a short span of time for SEM advertisers. In conventional method the response time may be weeks and even months before the effect of the advertisement takes shape.
  • The benefits of using SEM are long term. Even after the campaign is stopped, the leads keep coming. In traditional advertising the sales is only short term. The sales will dip once the advertisement is stopped.

SEM Keeps Track Of The Customers

SEM is a smart marketing strategy. An advertiser keeps track of the customer through their interactive website. Tools like clicktracks, Google analytics, etc can find the location information and browsing patterns of the user to understand them better. The advertiser can get a definitive picture of returns on the investment. Based on this information the advertising campaign can be optimized for better reach and conversion. This is not possible with traditional advertising. There are no statistical tools to calculate how many visitors have responded through advertisement and the conversion rate. Though this can be done manually, it is cumbersome and the room for error is very high.

The pricey nature of conventional advertising has forced businesses to look for fresher and cheaper options to attract the attention of the consumers. SEM has succeeded in this effort. It is the most effective and cost effective advertising solutions for small and medium businesses. Today even corporate houses are relying on SEM to reach to their potential customers.

Moving your business up the search engine is not an option but a necessity to promote your services. It is believed that 65% of online revenue is generated by top ten sites on the prominent search engine ranking sites. The top sites receive 78% higher traffic that those positioned between 11 and 30. Another statistics shows that 89% of marketers are increasing their digital marketing budget. With nearly 61% of internet users on the lookout for various products and services it is only wise to be seen online.

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