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The 101 On Search Engine Marketing

The 101 On Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing or SEM can be defined as more than just finding relevant keywords and setting up paid advertisements on search engine websites. SEM is not exactly a magic wand that can skyrocket your business growth overnight. You need to know how to handle SEM properly in order to get the full advantage it offers to your business over your competitors. Several online marketing companies in Chennai offer their expertise in this area to upcoming businesses as well as large companies.

Search engine marketing is described by experts in the industry as a type of online marketing that helps to promote websites among targeted customers by increasing website visibility as well as generate traffic through search engine results. SEM offers websites the option of picking out relevant keywords to advertise next to the search results, helping create better visibility for your website. If you are planning on implementing SEM strategy here a few tips to help you get started:

  • Set Up An Account
    Once you have narrowed down which search engine you would like to assist you in investing in SEM, you need to set up an account with that search engine website. An active email address, a payment method and the name of the website you will be advertising are the requirements for setting up the account.
  • Create Your Ad Campaign
    While creating your campaign, you will need to make decisions like whether the ads will be located on the search engine results page or on content partners. Once you have made the decision, it can help give you an idea of your monthly budget for implementing SEM as well.
  • Identify Ad Groups
    You will need to identify and create different ad groups based on the specifications of the products offered on your website. For example, if you are running an apparel website, you will need to create separate ad groups for men’s fashion, women’s fashion, kids fashion, bags, accessories and so on.
  • Keywords
    After you have created separate ad groups, you will need to list the keywords that will be associated with each ad group. Since these keywords will be used to trigger the placement of your ads, you need to make sure that they are relevant to the goods or service your website offers. This particular step helps drive potential customers to your website at cost-effective prices.
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  • Bid For Keywords
    If your website belongs to a niche that has a lot of competition, you will need to bid for each keyword. If the bid is high, it will help place your ad higher on the sponsored ads list. However, do not forget the fact that the ad also needs to be compelling enough to capture the visitor’s attention.
    • Create Attractive Ads
      At the end of the day, the ad has to be compelling enough to hold the customer’s attention and cause them to risk foraying in the direction of your website. You can use text ads or image ads to get your message across to the visitor. So make sure that you make it as attractive as possible.

    Different Types Of Paid Online Ads
    SEM offers businesses to display different types of advertisements to entice customers along the way. Although you don’t exactly need to pay for the ad space, you will, however, need to pay for the events that are generated by your ads. There are fundamentally three different online ad toes available:

    • Cost Per Click or CPC
      In this type of advertisement, the advertiser ends up having to pay each time the ad is clicked by an interested user. The click usually leads to the visitor going to the landing page of the advertiser’s website.
    • Cost Per Thousand Impressions or CPM
      In this particular type of online ad, the advertisers need to pay only when their ads get displayed a thousand times, regardless of whether it has been clicked or not. The M in CPM is actually used to refer to the Roman numeral M for one thousand.
    • Cost Per Action or CPA
      The advertisers have to pay each time the CPA puts in motion a particular action when clicked by a visitor. The action can be anything from signing up to downloading a file.

    These different online ads can be easily set up by any search engine marketing company in Chennai worth it's salt.

    About The Content On The Website

    The keywords used in the advertisements play a critical role as it helps drive more traffic towards your website. These keywords also need to be placed within your content to improve the web page conversion goals. However, many websites make the mistake of stuffing their content with relevant keywords in an attempt to optimize their content. This will not work in favour of the website according to the experts in the industry.

    The user needs to be enticed by the content on the website as they arrive via the online ads. This can be achieved by making sure that your offer quality content on the website along with well-placed images. You will also need to create an easily accessible menu, to help visitors find exactly what they are looking for in the shortest time possible. All these factors actually go into how well your website in ranked on the search engine results pages.

    Many successful websites are able to stay on top of the SERPs due to updating their blog regularly. Minting out fresh content is a major plus point in the eyes of a search engine and helps improve your visibility on the SERPs. You can even collaborate with 0ter websites and put up guest articles that can bring in more traffic and boost the popularity of your website. Once your website has been established as an authoritative source for information related to the niche it belongs to, you will notice that you have a steady flow of traffic. You can use this new found publicity to improve your sales which is the number one target for implementing SEM in the first place.

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