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The Difference Between SEO and SEM Explained In Simple Terms!

The Difference Between SEO and SEM Explained In Simple Terms!

Just like every industry keeps evolving day in and day out, the marketing industry has also changed leaps and bounds from where it was a decade ago to where it is today. The emergence of the internet and the speed at which every industry is equipping them to beat the competition is just astounding! As more and more enterprises are taking the online route to success, it is only ideal that there needs to be a difference between the numerous companies that are going online and this is where online marketing comes into the picture. If you are a newbie in digital marketing in Chennai, then it is possible that you will run into a lot of jargons and acronyms that will leave you perplexed.
When we talk about online marketing, the main acronyms that you will hear are SEO and SEM, even if you have not heard them, you are likely to get to come across these terms sooner or later. So, let’s begin with understanding the terms individually before we indulge in finding out the difference between the two.

Illustration of end to end process involved in Search Engine Marketing

An Introduction To Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

One of the most important terms that are used today when it comes to online marketing is Search Engine Optimization. This industry and the principles of SEO are continuously evolving every single day to match the volatile algorithms of search engines. SEO is often made up of off-page and on-page activities which are the two main pillars of this type of marketing.
On-page SEO: The on-page SEO often consists of the steps that are taken on the website that will help with the optimization of that web-page. This will include the meta tags, page title tags, image tags, heading tags and the meta description which is formed using the correct keywords for that particular business. The content that goes into the pages which are optimized as per the target keywords also forms an important part of SEO. Even Page URL which should also use the necessary keywords will help in optimization of the website. The speed of the website is also an important factor when we consider the Optimization in addition to the social media sharing that is done for your content.
Off-page SEO: as the name indicates, off-page SEO is responsible for the optimization that is outside the scope of the website. Building the links in order to obtain some high-quality inbound links which are also referred to as backlinks, social media sharing and also promoting the website in social bookmarking sites are all part of off-page SEO.
Most of the SEO is done to create high quality and valuable content which may include the web pages as well as the blog articles that are available on the website. The content should be written in such a way that it adds value to the user. Over a period of time, good content has the ability to increase traffic to your website, creating an opportunity for more inbound links which will ultimately help in more conversions.

A Know-How In Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is most importantly used in order to increase the visibility of a website through paid-up advertisements on search engines. Though most of these advertisements are commonly known as PPC ads, which is pay-per-click, there are also other options like CPC which is cost-per-click ads, paid search advertising, and other paid search ads. In simple words, SEM contributes in increasing the visibility of your website in search engines.
Though Google AdWords is one of the most important and a famous platform that is used for posting ads, SEM is not restricted only to this. The launch of AD campaigns has to be done after careful consideration of the exact audience. The ad groups should also be created using the correct keyword variations. The ad copy has to use the most relevant and significant keywords. The ad budget should also be one of the main factors that have to be considered for SEM. Every metric has to be monitored stringently to analyze the success of ads. There are a lot of intricacies which will be involved in preparing and establishing an efficient paid search campaign. Reputed SEM service providers in Chennai will be able to assist you with this.

How Do We Differentiate Between SEM and SEO?

Search Engine Optimization has been considered as a comprehensive online marketing tactic that will include both organic and paid tactics, whereas SEM is more inclined to the paid search category alone. In some cases, it is also considered that SEO is referred to organic search and SEM is restricted to paid search. Though both these terms refer to increasing the visibility of a website in online searches, SEO lays the foundation for SEM to be launched. So, in reality, we will need both SEO and SEM to be done in tandem in order to get a proper success in online marketing.

People who belong to SEM would always vouch that they make the maximum difference in an online marketing campaign whereas the same applies to those who belong to SEO as well. In reality, only if you have a high-quality SEO for your website would you start looking into the option of SEM, which simply means that SEO is the foundation which can help you to use SEM for your website. In both cases, the strategies are similar yet different, do the importance given to content, and its quality remains the same. Only when the blogs, web pages, and landing page content are optimized for search engines, you will be able to see results for your efforts on SEM.
When you compare the cost that is involved in SEO and SEM, we must say that organic SEO will cost you less hurt as you work to establish search credibility that will last for a longer duration of time. In some cases, website owners consider SEM as an option which will involve a cost in order to show results, but SEO is considered as a necessity.

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