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An Overview Of The Basic Building Blocks Of SEO Service

Search engine optimization is a powerful digital marketing tool which helps to popularize your business website. A search engine optimized website is ranked high when customers search for a particular product or service with the help of search engine. Search engine optimization depends on certain key components which online retailer should be aware when they work on optimizing their website based on the search engine algorithm. You can look for SEO service in Chennai as they would help you in working on the essential components of SEO services. Search engine optimization is a promotional tool which would help to promote your online business. It helps to improve the online presence of your business website. SEO helps in improving the return on investment of your business. This strategy depends on various individual components which are called the building blocks of SEO.

Here is the list of various elements of SEO services which would help you to optimize your website so that it ranks better in the search engine result pages. The SEO services fall into two categories namely off-page SEO and on-page SEO. Professional knowledge and expertise are required for working on these basic components.

Off Page SEO Service

  • Link Building
    This is an SEO strategy that can be followed to promote your website and make it rank better on popular search engines. It is a queen of the SEO strategy where you try to include some quality links to other websites where they direct your customers to your website. You can include comments about other websites which share the same niche of your business. Look for popular blogs of the same niche as of your business website and work with them to get a backlink from their blog. See that you make your business website attractive by including graphics, images, etc. so that when people are blogging about your product will link back to your website. Search engine optimization can be affected by choosing the wrong backlinks.
  • Keyword
    This is the primary building block of website SEO service. This is because keywords help in optimizing your website so that it ranks high. Keywords help in driving the targeted traffic to your site. People who own a business website should make use of the right keywords in their website content so that it helps to attract the potential customers. Placing the right keywords requires proper keyword research. Perform keyword research and know about the popularity of certain keywords. You can also take into account the keywords used by your competitors. You can also make use of specific tools like Google Adwords for identifying the right keywords for your business. If a particular keyword that you use is in high demand, then try making use of long-tail keywords.
  • Social Media
    This is a favorite component of SEO services. Due to the increase in the use of Internet social media marketing has gained popularity in the recent years. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. would help in promoting your business website. Social media presence is essential for online retailers who own a business website.

On-Page SEO Service

  • Keyword Density
    So it is always important to keep a note of the keyword density. It should not exceed 3%. This is because there should be some relevancy between the content and the keyword that the search engine understands. Do not repeat the keywords in the content. This is called as keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing can affect your business. You might be penalized for keyword stuffing. Thus it is important that you place your keywords in the content with great caution.
  • Title Tag
    This is the important element of any website as it indicates the title of a web page. The title of your web page must include the keyword in it. The title tag is displayed in the search engine result pages as a blue link so that that the visitors can know about the website by reading the title. It should be concise and simple. This would help to improve the ranking of your business website in the search engine result pages. You can also include the keyword at the beginning of the web page. The title tags are used as anchor text when you wish to share your website with another site. The title tag influences the visitor to visit your website. Ensure that the title tag that you choose is relevant to the content of your web page. You can also include the keyword on the title tag.
  • Header Tags
    The web page of your business website should contain three header tags namely H1, H2, H3. These header tags must include the keyword on it. This would help to optimize the website based on the keyword and improve its ranking.
  • Meta Tags
    These are texts which describe your website in simple terms. They usually appear on the coding of the page. These are content descriptors which help the search engine know about the content of your website.
  • Content
    The content of your business is important. It rules your site, and it should offer the required information about the product and services offered by your business. Include quality content which would directly help in improving the ranking of your website. See that your content is informative, useful and it educates your customer. This helps in increase in the sale of the products for the online retailers. Ensure that the content of your website is unique and you do not copy them from other similar websites. See that you update your contents to the current trend. It is common that websites with longer articles are ranked better. The size of the article depends on the mindset of your customers. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. give importance to content that is relevant to the current situation.

The above are the basic elements of SEO which should be offered greater importance. By implementing the above elements of the website SEO, it is possible to rank your business website better in the search engine result pages and to improve your business.

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