Content marketing is one of the trending techniques used by various online businesses. However, not all companies that implement this marketing technique receive the desired ROI. This is possibly due to two reasons – failure to define the goals, and lack of data for gauging the performance. There are plenty of web analytics tool available to measure the performance of your online marketing campaign. The best digital marketing companies in Chennai make use of web analytics to provide the best service to their clients. More businesses are relying on these companies for cost-effective online marketing services.
  • Importance Of Content Marketing

Content is the King when it comes to SEO and other online marketing strategies. Even though you have implemented highly advanced marketing techniques, they will not work if the content is not good. So, creating good content is equally important. Due to cut-throat competition, content marketing has become tougher with the days. Simply sharing the content on social networking sites and media website alone will not work. It is essential to know whether your content has garnered the needed attention in the Internet sphere. To find this, you have to use web analytics.

  • Content Marketing And Web Analytics

Now let us see how web analytics can help to improve content marketing. Google Analytics is the leading online analytics in the world, used by 30 to 50 million websites. However, many marketers don't have enough knowledge to use the analytics to its full potential. This analytics can process various data and provide various reports. The marketers should spend time to learn analytics in depth and to get the most out of it. You can find the list of web analytics companies in Chennai by using the Internet search engines.

  • Audience Reports

The analytics can provide audience reports, which helps you get details about the users. Some of the data you can get through the audience reports are user loyalty, ROI of marketing campaigns, demographics, language and location. The audience report can help the website owners to find out how many visitors have visited their website and the location of the visitors. The audience report can also provide details of the visitors such as age, gender, and interest.
For example, a leading e-commerce website found that women visitors buy more goods than the men visitors. Based on this report, the furniture business invested more money in displaying and marketing the women-oriented products and furniture to heighten the profit opportunities. This way, the audience report can help the content marketing campaign.

  • Demography Data

Small businesses that target people of specific location will find the language and demography data very useful. Specifically targeting the intended audience will help the small business to achieve better ROI.

  • Acquisition Reports

Acquisition reports help you find where the audiences are coming from. For example, it can tell you whether the viewers are coming through search engines or referral links or paid advertisements. The acquisition reports help you determine which kind of referrers are working great for your content marketing campaign.

Now let us provide some tips for optimize your marketing campaign with the acquisition reports.
  • You have to properly set up your conversation goals, before going through the acquisition report. The report can tell you the referrers that are helping you get visitors. However, it cannot help you find which referrers are converting the visitors into the customers. Determining the conversion is critical, especially for the paid advertisement such as PPC.
  • Channel section helps you find the palaces that are contributing to garner visitors to your website. One of the most significant benefits of channel section is that it provides a graph that makes you know the read the data and statistics easy.
  • Keyword section is an integral part of the Acquisition report, and it becomes very crucial for a paid marketing campaign.
  • Tracking conversions from each and every source such as keyword, landing page, ad, and referrer could be very tedious. Tracking of conversion process could be simplified by combining different strategies into one or more campaigns. This helps you see the data of various campaigns and find which are making better conversions.
  • Behavior reports provide information of the actions taken by the visitors. For example, the report can help you know the average time of the visitor, total page views, bounce rate and exit pages. In short, the behavior report enables you to understand how the visitors are engaging with the whole website and specific web page.
  • If the webpage or article has high bounce or exit rate, then that content is not good for the potential readers. This helps you make the article or content better through editing. You have to check the web analytics daily to see which pages or contents have more readers with more average visiting time. By identifying the contents with increased interest, you can take steps to promote them further.
You should know the fact that it is impossible to optimize the content marketing without the efficient use of web analytics. Most web analytics are available for free and anyone, with or without an educational degree, can start using it by creating a new account. However, it will take lots of learning and experience to master the nook and corner of the web analytics.
The webmasters and experts at online marketing companies have in-depth knowledge about the web analytics. This is the reason why they can create an ideal marketing campaign for their clients.
There are many online web analytics available. The web analytics company in Chennai makes use of multiple analytics to deliver superior results. These companies offer services at a very nominal price without compromising the quality. Chennai is one of the leading cities in Asia with sound infrastructure. This city has the offices of leading global companies.
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