Success and failure in online business are nothing short of miracles that happen simultaneously. One must have profound knowledge on the current trends, and it is crucial to monitor the progress of the website time to time to avoid losses. Competition these days is growing rapidly and to stay in the business, regular up gradation is important. It is not possible for a single person to do this hectic task. So, hiring a web analytics consultant will make the job simpler as they have a vast experience. We have top digital marketing agencies in Chennai that will help create wonders in the field of web analytics.

The herculean tasks of a web analytics

    1. consultant are:

    2. Increase the traffic rate and conversations of the customers.
    3. Provide easy access to the internal navigation of the pages
    4. Increase the sales.
    5. Maintain a record of the bounce rate, the number of visitors and their frequency, time spent on the website, etc.
    6. Analysis and maintenance of the server logs.
Tools like Absolute Log Analyser, ClickTracks, WebTrends, Affinium NetInSight and WebAbacus will help us convert the server log files into the format recognisable and readable by us. We can get to know the user behaviour by using these sites, but this alone is not enough for the expansion of the business. We also need to know the frequent visitors, their geographical location, their IP address, etc. For this purpose, we can use tools like Urchin, Web Statistik, and MatrixStats PHP.
Suppose a visitor is accessing the site many times but is not into any purchase, the web analytics consultant must get into contact with them and interact with them. The web analytics consultant should visit the other sites and know their game plan and strategies. Keeping the competitors in mind, the analyser must hatch plans to outwit them. The field of web analytics is expanding day by day and demand for them is proliferating. All the major cities have excellent web analytics analysers, and the area of web analytics in Chennai is on par with the global standards.
Seven significant aspects of catering to in Web analytics SEO:

Proper and close interaction with the customers:

Study of the present mindset of the customers is essential to rule the market. All the people follow the current trend, and the website needs to match the pace of the customers. Knowing their likes and dislikes will help us to update the site. Sometimes, we tend to forget the underlying ideology and concentrate on higher standards. Identifying the exact pulse of the customer and giving them proper response is the key to success.

Arranging the data properly:

  • Grouping the information:
  • Simplify the granular data
  • Organizing the complex segments efficiently
  • Filtering the data:
  • Moving past the top 10-50 entries
  • Clearing the data integrity issues
Identifying the exact objectives:
Concentrating on the business objective is very important. One should not waver away from the primary goal and mantra. Knowing the intention of the customer plays a vital role in maintaining the website and verifying and changing the content according to their taste and requirement.
Grouping the customers based on their activity:
Origin of the visitor:

  • Individual domains
  • Direct traffic
  • Indirect links (Campaigns, organic search)

Behaviour on site:

  • Survey
  • Landing pages
  • Micro conversions


  • Macro conversions
  • Amount generated through revenue.
Analysis of the visitor traffic:
If the number of visitors to the website has increased significantly over time, that alone does not indicate the success of the site. Many other parameters also have to be taken into consideration.
The aspects that should pop into one’s mind are:

  • Is the trend usual in the season?
  • Is there an increase in the traffic in other websites too?
  • Is there any profit due to the increase in traffic?
  • Is there a study on internal IP addresses?
Misleading dashboards:
Dashboards must have the essential elements and metrics, and they should be associated with the revenue as well. Dashboards can sometimes be misleading as they cannot ascertain that the tactics being employed are sufficient enough.
Differentiate between information and data:
Data is raw and is unconnected between various aspects. Whereas, information is the organised set of data that provides the perfect context. Data turns into information only when it is organised in a precise and comprehensive way. So, it is better not to rely on data alone as it misses the perfect context.
Five points to be sifted through to discover more information on Web Analytics SEO:
Importance of the home page:
The home page must consist of different sections that will lead the visitors according to their interests. The leads must be apt and accurate. The information present in the website must pave the way towards sales and should evoke interest in your business. If the data shows that this is not happening, then it’s high time to revoke the home page and to modify its contents.
Recognising the bounce rate:
The home page must be professional, and the content must be compelling. If the visitors are backing off from the home page, then it means that you have to concentrate on the additional pages making them more exciting and visit-worthy. Business can be achieved only if the visitors browse the other pages of the website as well.
Giving importance to the social media:
Using networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to promote the website will fetch good results. If the analysis shows that the people are clicking on the link that leads to your website often from these sites, then it paves a way towards the ultimate success of the website.
Building a rapport with the visitors:
New potential customers should be linked in convenience with the website rather than them finding the website by typing in the official name or address. This should be the shape of a well-designed website.
Attracting the potential customers:
Supposing a customer wants to buy a baseball kit, then if he types baseball, it will not help the website. Baseball bats will not help either. He has to mention the name of the company he is looking for. Customers know their requirements and will arrive at your doorstep only if you offer the best quality.