DigitalSEO’s Analytical Marketing

Helps you to Understand Your site’s Performance

This helps us to understand your business goals, helping to understand, plan and proceed your website study and research from your business perspective.This is a continuous process that will have to keep flowing to ensure enhanced online performance.

It is the tool that answers plenty of questions that you have about your website.

It is the perfect monitor that shows you what needs to be changed and what not.

Our web analytical services show you where you stand and how you have performed in the recent times.

Digital marketing strategies are planned based on these analytics that serves as a measuring yardstick for your web marketing progress.

We are one of those marketing analytics companies where web analytics is not a one stop destination, but a continuous process that can be charted out to suit your needs. Web analytics is in complete sync with our search engine marketing strategy and implementation.

Three Step Process – DigitalSEO Does this as a Three Step Process

Analyzing and goal setting
we have a periodic review system where we analyze where we stand, the impact of a marketing strategy, framing new strategies that will help us in achieving the goals set. It is imperative to review goals periodically as sire performance also depends on changes in search engine algorithms and the online market in general.
Changes are made onto the website and the internet marketing strategies in place to ensure that the desired goals are met. Content and development changes can impact performance. Online marketing strategies are revised to enhance performance.
we provide regular reports and inputs that help you to understand the inflow of traffic and how it has improved over a period of time. Progressive monitoring and analysis help to compare results with goals that tell you where you stand.

Our Web Analytics Services


Business and Website Audit

Researching the current analytical layout, its configuration and data tracking gaps.

Checking for traffic and marketing channels and analyzing customer segmentation practices.

Reviewing the data analytical strategy in place.


Implementing Analytics onto Your Website

Conducting technical analysis of the website

Defining site structure

Implementation of the analytics code

Linking Adwords accounts


Business Analytics

Defining website KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

Designing the best analytics based on business objectives

Implementation of the analytics code

Linking Adwords accounts

Visitor profiling

Competitive data analysis

Latest trends and visitor behavioral analysis

Optimization of landing pages

Interpreting analytical reports for making informed decisions

We Provide a No-Holds-Barred Initial Analysis of your Website.