Things to Know in Website Redesign Service

Importance of Website Redesigning

Website redesigningWebsite Redesigning can be a complicated process, consuming more time. There are no rulebooks to define how often a website redesign should be done. Many Web designers in Chennai, offers the best website redesigning services. Suggest that revisiting the website design for a minimum every 3 to 5 years. It is essential to keep the site more updated. The digital world is never stable. The SEO rankings will keep changing according to the users’ preferences, and it is necessary to change them accordingly.To keep the website updated, Website Redesigning is essential. Website Redesigning offers remarkable benefits such as helping to increase more conversion rates, fresh look of the website could get more positive feedback from the customers, etc.

Guidelines for Website Redesigning

The following are some of the guidelines to consider before starting a Website Redesign Service,

Let’s start with the Basics:

Find the location of the website where it is registered and hosted. You need to provide this information to the Web Designer. The companies which are registered years ago, collecting this information might be difficult. There are many tools available in the market to know where your website is registered. If you want to change the hosting company, you can always inform the Web Designer before they start the redesigning process.

Website Redesigning according to Clients’ Preferences: Always, keep clients’ preferences in your mind, while redesigning of your website is done. Try to understand their choice of changes that they would like to see on your website. You may not like the look and feel of the website, remember it is not for you but for the customers who use your website. Tell your Web Designer to redesign it according to the clients need.

Assess the Present and the Future content of the Website: Website redesigning needs appropriate planning, to implement your goals. By identifying functionalities, look-and-feel, usability, and efficiency and also considering the statistics during the designing process, could help to shape-up the entire outline of the design in the right manner. Evaluate and understand the current content and future content of your website. Collect feedback from your customers about what kind of material they want to see on your website that can address the primary concerns of your customers.

Clear Content Creation: To add new content, inform the web designer or copywriters to write the content for your website. You can write the content for yourself or can hire a well-experienced copywriter. Whatever available options you choose, make sure that the content of your website, is clear and more creative.

Content Focussed:

Website redesignFocussing on content will not only be good to implement SEO - by allowing you to incorporate related keywords in your website, but also show the efficiency of your website to the customers. By designing a blog or by using the right message on your homepage or landing page, you could give more information about the products and services you provide are best in the market. Comparing to the past two years, 38% of users research the products they want to buy and about 36% of users research because they are looking for more information about the products. To have clarity, understand the sense of your customers’ mind which can make the customers glued to the website.

Make Navigation Simple: The functionality and user usability are more important than the look and feel of the website. If you are running an e-commerce website, where the goal is to make the customer buy your products, search tool and navigation tool are most important. While website redesigning, ensure that the navigation is simpler that would allow your customers to travel to your website and to encourage buying your products. Consider providing your customers with navigation tools are more widely recognized, for, eg, the design of the “Cart” navigation bar could be designed as the shopping cart symbol which is popularly known by customers as the Purchase bar.

Boost Up the Brand Image: Inform the web designer to make sure that the company brand logo and related content should redesign in a way to boost up the brand image of the company among the customers. Ensure that the redesigning the brand image is appealing and innovative, to create the brand image of the company. Always ensure that the website changes are free of errors. Set up Google-Analytics Tool to review for errors in functionality, usability, content, imagery etc.

Compatible with Mobile: According to a study, the heavy congestion for e-com websites was from mobile devices. So the website is compatible with mobile devices is very vital to attracting more users. A design that is more responsive is the best way to implement this. It could make sure your website appears to the customers properly, in all mobile platforms. Make sure that the website has contact numbers are easily connected by clicking and is not difficult.