The Benefits Of Updating Your Website Design

Your website has to growing with your expanding business. The ideal way to do it is to redesign your website. With a little bit of maintenance your website can be revamped to meet the demands of the next generation users. Finding a reliable website designing services in Chennai can help you achieve this goal. If you website needs regular updates in terms of adding new products and service and other advertising strategies, keep in mind to zero on an affordable service provider.

When Is It Time For A Website Redesign

Adding New Products
Expanding your business means adding new products and services. In order to expand your service bouquet it is crucial to redesign your website to accommodate easy additions. Sometimes the initial website may not be enough to display an array of products. For instance when adding a physical product or selling a subscription on a website that facilitates only downloads is next to impossible if the design is not revamped. The website redesign has to be in order to execute this function.

Adding media
When it is time to add flash to your website or include an additional video upload, a simple website will not be able to fulfill your needs. For this you need a website makeover. You website may be professionally alluring but not functional enough to satisfy your growing demands. So it is time for a redesign. If you try making changes on your own you may cause more damage than good if you are not a profession web designer.

Resolving technical issues
Understand technical snags and fine tuning your website overcome these issues can divert traffic to your business. Whenever you website experiences high bounce rates, it is time to consider a check on your design strategy. Database issues or navigation may lead to such technical problems. A few changes to the existing code could make your website adaptable to work with browsers and apps. You could consider Google Adsense and you page does not support advertising. The answer lies in a quick redesigning of your website.

Website Redesigning Services - Reason To Redesign

Face it the challenge with a newly revamped website compatible with latest technologies to give your visitors an enhanced user experience. Ask these questions before considering a redesign.

  • Take a look at your competitors website
  • Do you have an aesthetically appealing website
  • Is your website contemporary
  • Does it have all the latest technologies features

A redesign could sometimes mean just changing the logo, adding graphics and images, for some it could be a total revamp. However a complete redesign is when any of the following is done:

  • Restructuring the information presentation on the website
  • Changing the overall look of the website
  • Applications that run the website
  • Use of the website by the visitors

The scope of the redesign may force you to take professional especially if you are not proficient in designing the website technically. Adding advanced features may need the assistance of experts in website redesign in Chennai.

Consider the following criteria before starting a redesign

Slow page loading:

A web page taking more than 2 seconds to load is considered to be too slow. A survey at Akamai reveals that 49% expect the website to load within less than 2 seconds and only 51% have the patience to wait more than that. When your website is taking time to load completely, target customer do not wait till then. They move on to better sites with faster loading potential, this way you tend to lose your business. Google PageSpeed Insights can help you identify if you page loads quickly.

Social media shares: When your site is shared on the social media, it has to look good. The thumbnail has to be attractive and so should the title link and description to give the reader an idea on what you are sharing.

Content and features not properly displayed: If your logo and images are not displayed properly, this could mean your interactive features have snags leading to distortion in content display. This can be fixed with a simple update or in some cases it could lead to a larger problem. This could mean your website does not support scripts or certain software any longer. If your website was created several years back, it may not be compatible with newer devices. It may be time for a revamp.

Lack multi-screen adaptability: See how your website looks on multiple devices, this includes smartphones, tables and laptops. The website has to accommodate the screen size. The text has to be legible and easy to navigate. Google Mobile Friendly Test can show you if your website is compatible for multiple screens.

No improvement in customer base: If your website is unable to bring in leads or sale then it is time to seriously consider a revamp of your website. Pick specific metrics and focusing on the objectives you can make your website work again.