8 Mistakes Which You Must Never Make In Website Redesigning

A website redesign is a process which involves significant investment. The process brings returns only if it is done properly. According to the experts in website redesign, Chennai many entrepreneurs suffer losses due to improper web redesigning. How to avoid such negative consequences? How to ensure that your website redesign helps to boost your business? Here is an insight into some common mistakes made while redesigning a website. Read on so that you can stay away from them!

Low loading speed

Website redesign is often done as a measure to improve the performance of a website. So, after a redesign, the loading speed of a website should ideally increase. Instead, if it takes more time to load than before, then it clearly implies some mistake happened during the redesign process. This issue can be analysed by making use of the Google tool such as PageSpeed Insights or other similar tools. Such tools would help you to find out the root cause so that it can be fixed soon.

SEO ranking is affected negatively

Soon after a redesign, a website may witness a drop in the usual traffic. But generally, the traffic gets recovered within a short duration; if this does not happen, then there is something to suspect. To avoid such a scenario, the best practice during a website redesign is to keep the URLs as they are without changing. These old URLs should be redirected to the new URLs with 301 redirects. Cross-checking the redirections is the first thing to do if you face a drop in traffic and SEO ranking.

No lead generation

As you might be already aware, lead generation is one of the primary requisites of a business website. If your website is falling back in lead generation after a redesign, then you have to find ways to attract your target audience. Try publishing helpful articles frequently so that they keep visiting your website. Making such articles available to the users only when they fill a form providing their name and email address would help you in generating more leads.

Not being user-centric

Being too focused on the business and the company itself is one of the common mistakes which is made during a website redesign. Remember that focussing too much on company's benefits repels users straight away. So make sure your website provides something valuable to its users. Try to provide solutions to the common problems of your target audience.

Website Redesign mistakes

Incorrect titles, tags or description

Some web developers use the domain name of the website itself as the web page title; this is not a good practice. The page title is the place where you can make use of keyword-rich text to convey what exactly your website provides to its users. So, make the best use of it. Another common mistake is providing an H1 tag which is entirely different from the page title. This creates a bad impression on the users. If you have a page title, then the H1 tag, as well as the contents of the page, should provide justice to the title.

The Meta description is another element where you should be careful. Do not use your page title itself as the meta description. This description is what gets displayed on the search engine results page and attracts users to your website. You can use 150 characters to describe the page contents; so use it to provide a clear idea to the visitors what a web page is all about. Using keywords in it would help in improving your ranking as well.

Using so many flash files

Every search engine may not have the capacity to comprehend flash files. So, if you make use of such files throughout your website, then the chances are very high that it may be interpreted as a blank site by search engines. This would negatively affect your website's ranking in search engines and hence would have very little traffic. So be careful with flash files.

Links which do not work

Broken links or links which are connected to wrong pages are common mistakes during a website redesign. These issues can be very frustrating to the users, and they may abandon your website altogether. So, thoroughly cross-check for such errors during the testing phase.

Restricting user’s accessibility

The blogs and articles you post on your website should be easily accessible to your users. So, restricting them only for those who take membership, etc. is not a very wise thing to do. Such restrictions act as a direct turn off which make people quit using your website and move to alternatives. Providing easy access to the contents attracts users, and they eventually become subscribers which are ultimately your marketing objectives.

Get Hold Of The Best Website Redesign Service

How to make sure that the mistakes listed here do not happen during your website redesign? The only way to do this is to assign expert professionals for the task. Approach the best web design company in Chennai now and get a fault-free redesigning of your website done!