Website Redesign – Give Your Website A Total Makeover!


The Before & The After Effect

All of us have seen those before & after pictures of makeovers. When we redesign your website, we create the same effect. There is a “before-redesigning” website and then there is an “after-DigitalSEO” effect.
With less than 10 seconds time to impress a visitor, we inherently understand that the first impression of the website either can convert a visitor or can chase away a potential customer. An interesting layout with designs and inputs that your user wants to see, will become the impetus for a user to stay longer on your website. For that, you need a striking web design that has a purpose. Such a website will create the right impression about the brand and will prompt the visitor to trust your site and revisit in the future.
We create such compelling redesigns for you. We convert flagging and sagging websites into lead generating tools with a generous mix of creatives and strategies to give your users the best user-experience there is. In doing so, we help your brand transform in the eyes of your customer!

Website Redesign Services From DigitalSEO

Designed to Engage

Why do we need to redesign? What do we need to change? Why can’t we use the same website? These are questions often posed by certain brands who find it hard to believe that bad designs can be a reason for poor conversions!

Here is your answer…Change is inevitable - to grow prosper & expand! A business, service or product needs to evolve with time. This change demands that a website, the most often used point of interaction, amends and alters along with it.

With our result-driven approach, DigitalSEO has a list of questions addressed to brands, if you answer yes to any of these, you need to consider a website redesign.

  • Is your website compatible with every browsing device known to man?
  • Is the customer able to navigate around your website comfortably & easily?
  • Has the website seen an update or remodeling in the last 3 or so years?
  • Has the website been able to deliver the conversion rate you wanted?
  • Is the website equipped with social media widgets?
  • Is the website a true image of your brand qualities?

DigitalSEO’s Redesigning Services – What You Stand to Gain?


Every element, every feature, every word of the website should reflect a brand’s image and ethos. When DigitalSEO redesigns your website, it does so with the guarantee of three immense benefits.

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We raise the bar for you, your customers and your competitors. We don’t add just a layer of fresh paint and call it a day. We redesign from the inside out to match the latest trends in design, aesthetics and functioning.

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We help you rank better. A well thought-out website with excellent and optimized content will put a website higher in organic search results.

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We create unique experiences for your visitors through our redesigns. We help turn prospects into clients.

Ready For A Makeover?! Let’s Get It Started!

Redesigning & Optimizing The Content Along With Interface

Redesigning the interface is just one factor that impacts conversion. The other aspect, an equally important one, is optimizing the content.

We, at DigitalSEO, know that intuitive interfaces, fast loading pages and checkouts one can breeze through are necessary. However, we are one of the few web redesign companies who also know the value of clear messaging and strong call-to-action texts.

Our experts in content management and optimization have the capability to portray your business a language that helps your users understand and tempts them to take an action. The content we write for you captures, captivates and converts audience into customers.

Redesigning A Website – Time It Right!

The internet is a fast-paced world. It changes almost every year. For a business, this translates into outdated website design by the end of the fourth or fifth year and poor search results as time moves.

At DigitalSEO, we go by the thumb rule of changing a website outlay once every three years. For a business that wants to achieve continuous growth, this norm is the ideal way forward. The norm remains the same even for a website that is performing well. Stats show a redesign gives an immense boost to conversion rates and leads. So, don’t waste precious time, get ready to redesign your website and give it a new leash of life!