SEO Techniques Followed By The Best Website Designers

Until a decade back no one would have thought that the search engine optimization and web designing would go hand in hand. But the scenario today is a lot different. The internet smart world wants more from us every single day. Taking the business online and giving it the best web designs to make it work for you is the trend of the day. No longer is the website a one-time thing, you need to be constantly updating it to keep up with the current trends in the industry.

Web designing is not a simple thing that any Tom, Dick and Harry could do. It involves a lot of strategic tasks that have to be implemented in a systematic way in order to end up in a unique and user-friendly website. It involves a lot of work that is a combination of framework, programming languages, content management, utilizing sample templates, operating different web designing tools and using the hosting platform. In addition to this, web designing requires a lot of planning, sketching, playing with graphics and building a strategy about designing for the website. The best website designers can single handedly accomplish all this and also excel in it.

The most important work of a designer is to give the perfect UX and UI designs which will fascinate more visitors to come to the website. But today, there is a need that all the web designers know the basics of search engine optimization so that they can make an impact in it. Only if they know this, they will be able to make a positive contribution by making a web design that would drive more traffic into the website.

The complete website has to be optimized in order it to perform well in the search engine rankings. All the aspects of the website, including web designing, coding, content, etc, make a difference. There is no one such departments that can get you success, all the components need to be in the right mix. Here are three of the most basic SEO techniques that are followed by website designers all over the world.

Mobile Responsiveness in the Design

As the internet reaches to every nook and corner of the world, it is not just important to have the business website look good in desktops or laptops. There is an increasing number of web visitors through their hand-held devices such as tablets, iPads, palmtops and smart-phones. If the website is not responsible it will surely not capture the attention of the user and thereby could result in losing out on a potential buyer. The web design has to be responsive and be able to adapt itself as per the screen resolution of the user’s device and that too in quick time.

Orientation of the URL

The URL that is assigned to your website has to be clear as well as SEO friendly. It should also contain some keywords and phrases with which users are able to associate with your business. This will also help the users in identifying your URL easily.

Speed of Website

The speed of the website also plays a major role when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. When users interact with a site that has a low speed, they are more likely to lose interest and move on to other competitor websites that can give them a solution at an earlier time.

SEO Tips Given By Popular Web Designing Services

Only when the web designers are aware of the importance of site loading speeds and the impact of the design for SEO purposes, they can work towards making it a success. Here are two more additional points that are recommended by web designing services in Chennai.

Title Tags

Though relevant title tags are important when making any online document, they have to be exclusive as well. There has to be a direct link of the title tags with the business and the services or products offered by them. The title tags have to be displayed in the SERPs, browser as well as on external sites but should be small in size so that it can be caught by search engines and not too significant for the users.

HTML5 and CSS3

HTML5 and CSS3 help a great deal in making your website responsive so that it can fit any resolution. HTML5 is an advanced version of HTML which increases the speed of download of the page. Certified HTML5 and CSS3 will help implement good coding for search engine optimization purposes.

In any successful SEO organization, it is important that the web design/development teams and the search engine optimization teams work hand in hand to achieve overall success for the website. This will ensure that the traffic to the website is much more and thereby a good chance of conversions and eventually profits for the business.