Responsive Website Design Services And Their Boundless Benefits


In the past, a website was all that you needed to make your business presence in the digital world. Later on, the demands started increasing at a very fast pace. Now a website needs a lot of features to make sure that it stays ahead of its competitors. The latest one in the list is Responsive Web Design. In the opinion of the experts in responsive web design in Chennai, this new trend is going to be the most sought for web design methodology in the near future. What is the purpose of Responsive Web Design and what are the benefits which make it attractive? Let’s see in this write-up!

Responsive Web Design – An overview

In simple words, Responsive Web Design is a design technique to make websites mobile-friendly. The number of people who make use of their laptop or desktop computers to access various websites has gone down a lot recently. More and more people are now using mobile phones and other smart gadgets. The portability and ease of use that mobile phones make them the favourite option to use the internet by many. Website owners cannot stay ignorant of this fact for long. It’s their duty to realise that a website serves it’s complete purpose only if it is easily accessible over various devices and not just computers. Mobile friendly versions of websites gained popularity as a result of this realisation.

Initially, the only option to be mobile-friendly was to have a separate version of a website, which is designed to work in mobile devices. Such a version come with a slightly different URL as well. Having a separate version of a website comes with its own set of disadvantages when it comes to maintenance, SEO, etc. Research in this direction is what resulted in the development of Responsive Web Design.

In Responsive Web Design method, the need to maintain different versions of the same website is eliminated. A single website with the same URL can be used in all devices. The designing is in such a way that the website automatically resizes itself to fit into the screen on which it is opened. Hence the users would not have to wait until they are redirected to the mobile version of the site. They also do not have to scroll extensively or zoom in to read the contents of the website. The contents open on their device screen in a perfect size so that they can go through it easily without zooming.

Responsive web pages make use of proportion based design principles and not the pixel-size based ones used in normal websites. Here, the resize is not limited to just the text in a website; every element in it automatically resizes to fit into the screen of the user's device. Hence, the position of images, graphics, or other elements in a page’s layout does not change when the page is opened in a mobile; instead, the whole layout would be perfectly resized.

How Can A Responsive Web Design Company Help You?

If your website is not a responsive one, then you can make use of web design services in Chennai to achieve the same. Responsive web developers can help your business enjoy the following tempting benefits!

    • Improved Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - Google which is the most popular search engine gives priority to mobile-friendly sites in its ranking. It has introduced a new rule stating that a website must provide optimum experience to mobile phone users. This includes the scalability of fonts, quick loading, efficient use of touch functionalities and so on. Hence it is obvious that implementing responsive web design would improve your website’s search engine ranking. Moreover, you have just one URL to take care of from the SEO perspective which further reduces the SEO efforts required.

This Image is a vector file representing a responsive website design concept on with Desktop,Mobile,Tablet

    • Better sales – Mobile-friendliness naturally helps in increasing traffic and leads to your website. A website which is easy to use anywhere from any device creates happy and satisfied customers. They would prefer shopping from you or make use of the services you provide because of the user-friendliness your website provides. Hence having a responsive website gives an upward shoot to your sales and revenue graph.
  • Reduced maintenance – Maintaining multiple versions of the same site involves a significant amount of money. As responsive web design eliminates the need to have a different mobile version of the same website, it helps you to save the money required for maintenance. Moreover, implementing changes and updates is also easy when you have just a single version to take care of.

The whole world has embraced mobile technology. A large number of your existing and potential customers would be using mobile phones and other smart devices to access your website. So, won’t it be foolish if you do not use the prospects available to make your website mobile-friendly? Yes, it would be! So do not wait anymore! Take the help of professionals in responsive web development, implement it and enjoy the perks!