Responsive Web Design Services – A Novel Approach To Make Websites Mobile-Friendly!

Responsive web design

Responsive web design (RWD) developed as a result of the research which was aimed at providing websites with improved user-friendliness. In simple words, Responsive web design is a design methodology which adjusts the look and feel of a website according to the device used to access it. As per the experts in responsive web design, Chennai Such a methodology is increasingly relevant in today’s world because very few people use their laptops and desktop computers to access the internet. Instead, everybody depends on their mobile phones or other smart devices to enjoy the vast possibilities of the internet.
Using mobile phones and other smart gadgets make it easy for people as they are easily portable and serves the purpose anywhere anytime. So, it can be said without doubt that if your website incorporates a responsive web design, then more people would be able to access it easily which would ultimately help your business. Let us get into the details of RWD and its benefits!
How does a responsive web design work?
The motto behind responsive web design is flexibility. As the name implies, such a design responds to the requirements of the website users depending on the device they are using. The website design modifies itself to match with the screen size of the device in which it is opened. The responsiveness must not be just restricted to the text, but to the pictures, videos and whatever there is on the website. Hence Responsive web design incorporates a blend of grids, layouts and CSS queries.
In conventional website design, the page elements are designed based on their pixel size. Whereas in responsive web design the proportion of page elements is the designing factor. This is what makes the size modification a truly comprehensive one including all the elements on a page. The result of such a design is that the layout of the website would remain the same on all devices, just the size would be modified to fit perfectly to different screens.
Now, let us move on to the advantages of RWD which makes it so popular and preferable by many.

Benefits That A Responsive Web Development Company Can Bring To Your Business

Responsive web design provides a number of benefits when compared to the traditional design methodologies. “Business owners are now increasingly aware of the benefits of RWD, and hence they are preferring it”; say professionals in web design services in Chennai. But still, not a very large percentage of websites is using RWD. Those who are using it are way ahead of their competitors. The following are the advantages of RWD.
Refines Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
SEO is what makes your website noticeable to your target audience. It works on improving your search engine ranking so that you are displayed among the top results in the search engine results page. It is your website URL that gets displayed in the search results, and people will be using the URL to access your website. If you are using traditional web design methods, then the mobile version of your website would have a slightly different URL, and this will affect the optimisation process. RWD enables the usage of a single URL for all devices and hence produces the best results of search engine optimisation.
Increases leads and traffic
Increased traffic and leads are what every business website is looking for. Responsive web design allows users to access your website from different devices using a single URL which naturally increases the traffic to your website.
Enriches the experience of users
Better experience for users is the primary purpose for which responsive web designs were built for. When users access a responsive website from a mobile device, they do not have to go through the redirection process which makes uses of a slightly different URL to launch the mobile version of the website. The page loads fast and gives users access to the website which is resized perfectly for their screen size. The responsive design let the users perform all the website functions smoothly and quickly.
Better sales and profit
Increased traffic, leads and enriched user experience directly reflect in your business’ sales and revenue. If it is a commercial website, people are more likely to shop from you, utilise your services, and come back to you only if you provide them with a user-friendly interface for their requirements. This is exactly what a responsive web design assures and hence implementing it improves your business significantly.
Easy analytics
Tracking your visitors and analysing your website performance is easy when you have just a single URL for all devices. You do not have to go through multiple reports and spend a lot of time. Thus by using responsive web design, you can reduce the time spend on analytics and use it for other purposes.
Less maintenance cost
Multiple versions of your website require separate maintenance. As responsive web design helps you to do away with mobile versions of the same website, the money spent on maintenance can be greatly reduced. Making changes on your website is also easier as you do not have to implement the changes in multiple versions.
Try RWD and enjoy the benefits!
How can you say no to Responsive web design when it offers you these many alluring benefits? Try it and enjoy the difference!