Business Website Designing: The Mistakes To Be Avoided

Web design mistakesCompanies and individuals build websites to advertise their products and services, and bring in revenue. But just in case even after spending enormous amount of effort in building a website, the same is not able to become popular, complete effort go down the drain. In this fast changing technological world, simply creating a website does not help much unless and until, the same has a large number of users. This is where the assistance of business website designs in Chennai comes into existence. Though, many website takes time to pick up popularity and extend its user base, but there are a few facets wherein the website owners and creators can go wrong. In such cases, even after all efforts, the website will still not be able find takers.

Business Website Designing – Break The Monotony

Let us take a look at the most recurring faux pas made by the website owners. Though these may look unimportant, but may affect the popularity of the website to a huge extent.

Filling in way to many advertisements:

Agreeably getting revenues from associated advertisers work great but then filling up your website page with way too many advertisements, and telling very little about yourself will not do you any good. It takes only a few seconds to catch the users’ attention and if they are served mostly advertisements in that little time, they will move on to other websites

Color schemes:

The color schemes that you use make a huge difference to your user base. The content in the website should be legible and not strain the eyes. If you are planning to use any innovative color schemes, do bear in mind that these may actually cost you high and can go horribly wrong. White or lightly colored background with content written in usually popular and bug sized fonts are a safe bet any day.

The use of meta tags:

The keywords in the meta tags should be carefully thought of and help you rank high in the search engine results. Uses tags that are relevant, keeping in mind the contents of your page. The meta tags coined, should make the contents of the page obvious.


Needless to add here that the content should be short, crisp and to the point. Avoid as far as possible the use of way too many technical jargons and flowery language. Also ensure that the content drives the point straight away; nobody has the time to read through humongous numbers of lines to understand and interpret those many lines.

Uses of Macromedia ‘Flash’:
Use Macromedia ‘Flash’ only if it is extremely relevant to the content and you want to feature it, anyhow. More often than not, pop up blockers are installed in a majority of user’s browsers and so even after your best efforts, they would not be able to see the content that you want them to see. Instead of Macromedia ‘Flash’, JavaScript or animated gifs serve the purpose better.
Privacy policy:
It is important that you publish the website’s privacy policy on it. This is important to build user’ confidence in the website and give them the assurance that their information will in no way be misused. Such a guarantee goes a long way in building users’ confidence.
Simple navigation:
This is one arena where several websites err. It is important to keep the navigation as simple and hassle free as possible. Too large a menu, several sub menus and complicated navigation lead to users losing interest in the website.
Dead links:
Keep a tab on the links on your website, keep checking them frequently and remove the dead links. Dead links and error messages can be very frustrating for the users.Do not forget the search box:This especially holds true for the bigger websites. Do not forget to add the search box on the website; this makes sifting through information very easy for the users.

Business Web Design – Grab All The Attention

It will be a no brainer to state that every website should try as far as possible, to incorporate the above mentioned factors. There are thousands of websites clamoring for readers’ attention every second. It is important that your website stands out from the crowd but in good aspects.

Your website should contain all the information that is required; no unnecessary pieces, the navigation should be simple and user friendly and with features incorporated, keeping the average user in mind and not techie geeks. Last but not the least, the colors, the font types, size and images on the website should be endearing and not a strain on the eyes for the readers.

There are several companies offering avant garde service to meet the requirements of the client. Such companies are generally conversant with the given do’s and don’ts. If you are planning to launch a website, look for best web Design Company in Chennai; these are the people that will offer you the best in genre.