A Brief About A Virtuous Web Design Company And Trends In Web Development

The World Wide Web has undergone a great deal of improvements in recent years. Some of them have been exceptional and have made a huge difference to our perception of the internet. Website Design has also gone through a lot of changes ever since its inception. There is so much to explore and if you are looking for website designers in Chennai, you have a lot of options to choose from.

If you do not have a website, then it’s a good time to start one. You would need to unveil the services of a virtuous web design company so that all the aspects of the web design are done as required and the website starts performing as per expectations. There are plenty of website templates that are available online in case you are looking for some design inspirations. The website for each business has to be unique in addition to being able to perform at its optimum level.

Learn The Ten Latest Trends of 2017 From Best Website Designers

Webs design and development are always evolving and there is a new trend that sets in every passing year. Here are some of the latest web design trends for 2017.

1. Play With Colours

Colours have a direct connect with the emotions of the visitor. It can even influence the power of decision making in a user. The colour trends for 2017 are refreshing and neutral. Some colors have a gender-based link to it, especially blue for boys and pink for girls. So try and use a blend of these with other colors so that it doesn’t look too obvious.


2. Gradients Do Work

Colour gradients are also in the trend in 2017 as they can give a unique and special look to your website. The two-tone effect is most commonly used as it does not make the user feel that there is only colour that is present on the screen and it is monotonous. Washed-up page design is also something that is becoming popular.

3. Dual Tone

As mentioned above the two-tone colour schemes are raging in the web design and development industry. The end result is considered ‘cool’ and hence there are chances of better retention of visitors which would eventually lead to better conversions

4. Graphics

Today GIFs are tending in social media and website alike as it is easy to convey a message with the help of animations. It takes less time to view a GIF than a long recorded video or reading extensive content. The GIF format can give you light-in-weight yet high performing animation files that add value to your website.

5. Illustrations

Art that is hand drawn give a feeling of a personal touch to the visitors that they tend to spend more time on that web page than on others. Illustrations are the best way to convey a story to your user and that too in quick time.

6. Letter, Don’t Litter

The bold font and attractive lettering are in the trend in 2017. These are mostly used on the home page and landing page to make the content catch in the eye of the viewer. It also inspires them to spend more time on the website and explore more pages, giving a better chance of conversion.

7. Combination Texts

Just like typography, the orientation of the texts also plays a crucial role in web design for 2017. Gone are the days when only horizontal texts were used to convey the message. Today, a combination of both horizontal and vertical texts is trending in order to capture the attention of the visitor.

8. Geometry Goes Places

Remember the different geometric shapes that you studied in 1st Grade? You need to refresh your memories now as geometric shapes and patterns are making an entry into the web design to add distinctiveness to it. If you are able to insert these patterns into the text to make it attractive to the users, you have done your job well.

9. Overlap Images & Texts

As more and more designing technologies and programming languages come up, it has become simpler to create overlapping of images and texts in order to give an exclusive look at your website. Overlapping is right in the middle of the trends that are emerging in 2017 as it is giving a positive effect on a website.

10. Distinctive Layouts

A simple layout has become repetitive and gives a boring look to the web page making the visitors move on to other competitor brands. Add in some boxes, grids or even outlines which can overlap with each other or simply overlap with the texts, thereby creating a distinctive layout for your website.

In addition to the trends mentioned above, scalable vector graphics and a conversational interface are also part of the trends in 2017.