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What Difference Does It Make? SEO Vs. SMO: Difference!

What Difference Does It Make? SEO Vs. SMO: Difference!

Ok! So, we have heard these two terms way too frequently and almost every time in similar scenarios too. So, what is the big difference between the two? The fact is that there is a difference between the two though they are related to each other. How does the difference matter to you? It does matter if you have a business and plan to build your business. If you aim to earn more and boost business, then you will have to improve your online visibility. This is possible only with the help of an expert seo company in Chennai. A seo company can guide you and assist you in improving the search ranking and making yourself noticed.

How To Get Noticed?

Let us think from the customer’s perspective. How does a customer find your business online? Here are the most likely three ways:

  • You rank higher in the search engine results
  • You are recommended or mentioned by another website or person.
  • They know about your company already and purposefully searched to find you.

The third point is only possible if you are popular enough and people are used to your brand name and the products or services served by you. But, if you are not that popular enough, then the first two points are the ones that can help you out. Here is where SEO and SMO help you. SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process by which you can improve your ranking in search engine results. SMO is short for Social Media Optimization. This is the method by which social media are used to drive traffic to your website. Thus, both of them help you to improve traffic to your page, but in different ways.

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Get To Know About SEO

SEO, as mentioned above, is used to improve a website's search engine rankings in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Higher the rank more will be the number of visitors to your website. Most of the users who search for a content seldom clicks and checks out the next pages of search engine results. They might maximum check the first 2,3 pages that too rarely if they have the time and patience to do so. Hence, ranking higher in the search results and appearing on the first page of search engine results is very important for increasing the traffic to your website.

Keywords Hold The Key!

SEO mainly works with keywords. It first studies the working pattern of search engines, the usual terms people use to search for results and also try to find the target audience for search engines. SEO can be applied to different types of searches. It can include image searches, news searches, industrial searches, local search, academic search and video searches.

Get To Know About SMO

Social Media Optimization is the process used to create and increase awareness of a product, service or brand. It makes use of the various social media websites and communities to connect with the audience and grab their attention. The sole purpose of SMO is to increase website traffic. It uses RSS feeds, social news, blogs, videos, social networking sites, bookmarking sites, etc. Any top smo company in Chennai can do effective SMO for your business and help to build its popularity.

SEO Vs SMO: Difference- A Point To Ponder!

SEO and SMO are equally important to the success of a business. Which one you should give more importance, depends entirely on your company goals and visions. It is always better to maintain a balance of both to ensure undisputed success. In SEO, you optimize your website in such a way that it gets noticed by the search engines. Whereas, in SMO you share your content off your site. You share contents on social media, blogs, etc. The goal of SEO is to increase website traffic using search engines whereas the goal of SMO is to increase popularity and brand recognition among customers.
The method used in SEO is finding most commonly used keywords, optimization of backend and HTML codes, the addition of meta titles, meta descriptions, headers, alt tags, etc. to make the website rank higher in searches. Whereas in SMO, quality contents are created by talented writers and web designers. This content is then spread all over the social media platforms to increase the popularity of the brand and product. In SEO, the results are seen over a long term only. Whereas in SMO, there are shorter intervals for success.

Why Should You Focus On Both SEO and SMO?

The algorithms of search engines keep on updating as the technology becomes more and more advanced. Hence, both SMO and SEO strategies also have to be evolved correspondingly to keep up with the change in technologies. In the present scenario, SMO can usher in a large group of customers within a short span of time. While, SEO can work towards in making you rank higher and higher in search engine results. It might take time, but it always worth the wait.

The SEO Vs SMO: Difference Solved! Right Proportions Make The Perfect Recipe For Success!

Both SEO and SMO are necessary for the success of your business. You just need to decide the proportions in which you need both of them. The proportions depend on your type of business, your business goals, visions, and aims. Finding the right proportion and applying it in the right amount at the right time cooks up a perfect success recipe for your business.
The vital factor to be considered in both SEO and SMO is the quality of the content. You can't compromise on quality and expect your SEO or SMO methods to make it work for you. Search engines always give preference to engaging, informative and original contents. Customers also give preference to quality and are not fools who believe a fake and copied write up. Hence, it is always better to focus on quality and choose both SEO and SMO methods to boost your business. SMO helps you to get close to potential customers and regular customers on a personal level.

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