There has been a phenomenal growth in the rate at which online activities have emerged over the past 5 to 10 years. Every society in this world has experienced an unexpected growth in this online scenario which includes everything from search to research and knowledge gain to shopping. This exponential growth is not only restricted to desktops and laptops; it has now come into our hands in the form of smartphones and palmtops. And this has created a need for every business to prioritize Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and make it a part of their marketing strategies.
Many online marketing companies in Chennai have started assisting their clients with SEM strategies that are customized for their business. Still, not many business owners are aware of the benefits that a good SEM can do to their business. Hence, here is the detailed explanation as to why SEM is important to any online business. Firstly, we need to understand what is search engine marketing, how it emerged, why and how it is making a difference to an online presence.

What Is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?
As the name indicates, search engine marketing is the complete set of strategies and techniques that are used to increase the number of website visitors coming in from search engines. It is similar to the traditional marketing methods in which the company spends money in making pamphlets showing ads on billboards, televisions, etc. The basic idea of SCM is to increase the visibility of a website in search engines which can be done through paid search, organic placements, and contextual advertising.
Paid Search proposed to add that are posted and will appear in search engines as per the target keywords which will be entered by users. This type of marketing is very effective as it is focusing on the user who is looking forward to availing that particular service or product which is offered by the business. If the analytics are done properly, this advertisement will surely have a higher return on investment. Paid search is also referred to as cost per click, pay per click or simply search marketing.
Organic Search which is also referred to as Search Engine Optimization is the result that a website can get by means of a generic search. This involves Optimization of the web page, HTML codes, navigation of the site and much more in order to get a better ranking for the website in search engines.
Contextual Advertising is done with text ads that are focused on the content that is available on the website in the form of news articles or blogs.
Emergence of SEM
The emergence of search engine marketing can be taken back to the year 1996 which was the time when people were starting to use search engines. At that time, there was a way to make paid listings which were often ignored by businesses because they were not sure if their investment could yield good results. We could consider this period as the birth of search engine marketing even though the term SEM was coined only after 15 solid years and more than a billion searches. In the beginning, SEM was only seen as something that was explored only when businesses had excess money left over in the marketing budget. Over time the return on investment has broken all records and made businesses look into this type of marketing as mainstream rather than looking at it as an optional idea.
Initially, the pay for placement model was introduced, and it also excelled in the paid search business. From that, the processes have only evolved and today you get to use cost per click and paid to click options in search engines which are driving the success of many online businesses. The most important aspect of SEM that has been pivotal to success is that it is quantifiable, meaning you can analyze every type of marketing that you have done through this. You will be able to identify the amount that you have invested and the amount that you have harvested out of it. Hence, it is easy to conclude if SEM is working for your business or not. For this, you need to choose the best out of many SEM companies in Chennai.
In the initial stages of PPC, there were a lot of frauds that were happening and hence it stop a DIP in the number of people who were opting for this type of marketing. But over a period of time, the search-bots have become smarter and are able to identify and only post the genuine PPC ads. The system has evolved on a regular basis and has reduced the impact of click fraudsters on advertisers. Due to this more businesses started adopting PPC method which is the primary reason why there is a lot of money flowing into the search engines which in turn enables them to give a better service to the advertisers.

How SEM Adds Value To A Business?
There are many ways in which SEM can add value to your business. A proper SEM will typically be able to drive more business to your website. These are the main ways in which a business can benefit from SEM:

  • An increase in the brand awareness of the business or its products and services.
  • Making it easy for the business to sell content, services or products as you are marketing it to the people who are looking for it.
  • Generation of online leads which can eventually result in a sale.
  • Providing additional information or educational content that a user is looking for when they are searching online.

Overall, we can justify as to why SEM should ideally be an important part of your overall marketing strategy. If you are looking to make your business an astounding success in its online presence, then a simple SEO alone will not be able to give you that amount if success, SEM is mandatory.