We help build a Business not just a Website


As an integrated digital marketing company, DigitalSEO is inept in creating future-centric e-commerce websites design and development services. Be it setting up a sophisticated catalogue management designs that improvises on user experience and margins, or creating an integrated order fulfillment system, we can help enhance your online selling performance.

Keeping It Sweet & Simple (KISS)

  • No clunks and chunks
  • Straight forward and easy to use
  • Streamlined order fulfillment sans any headaches
  • Intelligent catalogue management that offers flexibility
  • No rocket science, simple elegant design that allows you complete control of your website
  • Product details, price changes, orders and inventory management, promotional offers, etc., all under one integrated e-commerce solution

Why We Stand Out

  • Easy inventory and pricing management
  • Flexibility and website control at reasonable prices
  • Simple design and easy navigation for an enhanced user experience
  • We undertake all types of E-Commerce sites – event booking sites,download sales sites, membership websites and online retail
  • We are a one stop solution for all your E-Commerce needs
  • Our texts, design and development models are SEO friendly
  • We offer All-in-one Pack – that includes design, development and optimization
  • A strong digital marketing campaign that offers more visibility to the E-Commerce site


  • Quick loading
  • Add-on stores to existing sites
  • Multiple choices based on client’s budget
  • Powerful hosting solutions that adds speed to sites
  • Facilitating all types of payment gateways for user choice
  • Customized CMS options & specific options such as Magneto, Open Cart, etc.
  • Security & Quality Assurance – Safe and secure online transactions
  • Post product purchase communications that includes downloadable receipts, SMS and confirmation emails
  • Design facilitating all info for users – price, product info, ratings (user/company), real user reviews, etc.

We Provide a No-Holds-Barred Initial Analysis of your Website.