Building a successful Digital Marketing Funnel

What is meant by the marketing funnel?

Learning about the marketing funnel helps you convert potential customers into loyal customers, and there are chances for them to refer your business to their known circle. If you are hearing the term marketing funnel for the first time, you have come to the right blog. It plays an integral part in digital marketing strategy and several successful SEO companies such as DS Coimbatore are well aware of utilising the marketing funnel.

The marketing funnel aids in visualising the customer path or journey, a potential customer chooses when they get familiar with the business from beginning to conversion. The marketing funnel consists of five stages, such as advocacy, conversion, awareness, loyalty, and consideration.

Your association with your customers should not end after conversion. Therefore, you should concentrate on customer retention equally to the level you focus on lead generation. Satisfied customers share brand understandings with their friends and family. They turn into loyal customers, promoting your brand. They can quickly drive better leads for your product or business.

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Strategies to move your subscribers to various stages of digital marketing

1. Awareness:

It is the first and primary marketing funnel stage. In this stage, potential customers would first learn about your brand and company. It is the chance where you have to develop a trusted association with your prospects. Utilise this opportunity to showcase your value to potential customers or subscribers through no-cost educational content. They may not be prepared to purchase from you, but you should make them understand what they can expect from you. You can include the following ideas in the automated email sequences to the subscribers.

  • Live 30-minute webinar
  • Ebook explaining the health benefits
  • Food tracing calendar worksheet
  • Blog posts regarding fitness or nutrition

2. Consideration:

As you move the subscriber through the awareness stage, the next step is the consideration stage. At this point, they may have some idea about your product and consider purchasing the service or product. So, they will be interested to know more about the products and services you offer. When sending emails, you can include these contents to arouse more interest in your product.

  • No-cost podcast episodes
  • Live nutrition webinar
  • Case study or testimony showcasing the success of other consumers

3. Conversion:

This is the most crucial time where the subscriber will be making a decision. If they are confident and know your product well, they will decide to purchase. At this stage, you can convince them to purchase by following few tactics such as:

  • Sending discount or sale email with a limited timeframe
  • Providing give away samples or trial products to showcase the product benefits
  • Developing an automatic email series that shares the service or product benefits
  • Inviting subscribers to sales webinars and share the product benefits

What are loyalty and advocacy in the marketing funnel?

If the subscriber has turned into a customer, you should take them through the next stage- loyalty. Think about ways where your email content creates retention and loyalty. Some of the ways where you can increase retention are as follows:

  • 20% off to customers who are buying a yearly subscription
  • The educational content in the form of product or service history
  • A survey asking customers about what they like and what’s new can be included

Advocacy occurs when the customer behaves more than a usual customer. It means they turn into fans of your product. Are you wondering how to convert your customers as fans or followers of your product?

  • Interact with your customers by posting on social networks, replying to their mails, and providing incentives for participating in testimonials and writing reviews.
  • Begin a loyalty or affiliate program and offer incentives to customers who are referred to you.
    When sending an email, include a survey regarding how to enhance your service or product.
  • Find customers who love your product and share an email requesting to refer your products or service to the friends.

We hope you have obtained a clear idea about the marketing funnel and how to include it in your day to day email marketing strategy. 

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