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SEM in marketing: An integral aspect for today’s businesses

Illustration of end to end process involved in Search Engine Marketing

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is another potential arsenal all digital marketers use to boost online traffic, brand awareness and customer conversion. SEOs objectives are pretty much the same, but SEM goes the extra mile by incorporating paid search ads. 

SEM is as important as SEO and both deserve equal attention. SEM is all about gaining quick results by driving conversions at the bottom of the business funnel. 

Digital SEO, a top digital marketing company that delivers superb SEM services in Coimbatore, explains how SEM works

  • The marketer understands the business model, its objectives, products, services and the kind of audience they want to reach.
  • Marketers do thorough keyword research to shortlist valuable keywords that are relevant to the products and services. They will look for keywords that are often used by their target audience and incorporate them into the ads.
  • The Cost Per Click strategy is created based on the budget the client has allotted.
  • The ad will be shown in SERPs whenever users type in the keyword to initiate a search for the product. 
  • The advertiser will pay for the number of clicks generated whenever a user clicks on the ad.

How to succeed in SEM: Tips given by one of the leading SEM services in Coimbatore

Just like SEO, SEM needs to have a definitive plan in place. These digital marketing strategies do not work by fluke. SEM is quick, but it will not deliver results without the right approach.  Here’s are some valuable SEM tips to set the ball moving in the right direction: 
  • Set clear business objectives
Business objectives are like the needle in the compass. They point to the direction in which the business wants to move- which is always forward. Digital marketers always ensure their clients understand their business goals because SEM is not free. However small the budget is, paid ads can be used to create brand awareness or to initiate lead generation.
  • Understand the audience
SEM specifically targets niche audiences because it works perfectly for niche businesses. Hence, this strategy world wonders when businesses know the kind of audience they want as their customers.
  • Prioritize keyword research and usage
The next step after defining goals should be keyword research. Without shortlisted keywords, SEM strategies are lifeless. To redefine keyword research, businesses can:
  1. Hone in on long-tail keywords that are better accepted by search engines.
  2. Select keywords with higher conversion rates.
  3. Use branded keywords that reflect the company name, product or service.
  4. Use general terms that are relevant to the business.
  5. Use keywords with a higher Click Through Rate.
  • Post-launch testing of strategies
SEM does not end once the strategies are implemented. The success of an SEM campaign depends on the follow-up and post-launch measurements that are taken to enhance the performance of the strategies. Here’s what can be done:
  1. Track the performance of the chosen keywords and make the necessary changes.
  2. Track customer conversion rates to check for pitfalls. 
  3. Assess why customers are opting for other brands. 
  • Improve the landing pages
Without a solid landing page, it is most likely that customers will go looking for other brands dealing with the same products and services. Landing pages need to be fixed and enhanced even before SEM campaigns are launched. The multi-pronged approach must deal with the website’s mobile responsiveness, loading time, navigation interface, and tracking capabilities.
  • Create better content
All users prefer content that is relevant, fresh, clear, concise, and actionable. The landing page content is like a crucial lifeline that has the necessary keywords used sensibly. Google has an affinity for such content because it appeals to audiences.
  • Optimize ad copy development
Ad copies must be relevant, accurate and streamlined to attract the most qualified clicks. Making maximum use of the limited space given for ad copies will generate desired results by catching the attention of the users and compelling them to click on the ad.

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