All about Google Data Studio

An introduction to Google Data Studio

Representation of full cycle of Google Analytics service starting from User Analysis to process optimization
Google is one tech giant that comes up with remarkable solutions and tools to handle all the intricate analytics of a website- the biggest challenge for most marketers. One such tool is Google Data Studio. Simply known as Data Studio, it is a tool that transforms the collected data into useful, informative, readable and shareable data and informative dashboards and reports.  Dealing with analytics is no cakewalk, for it can be confusing and overwhelming. It also means hours of laborious work that includes downloading the data from Google Data Analytics and creating charts and diagrams with Excel spreadsheets. An expert like the best digital marketing company in Coimbatore can take you through the process.

But Google Data Studio simplifies it all. Data Studio comes free of cost. Here are some interesting insights about this noteworthy tool from Google:

  • Data Studio uses data from twelve different sources 
  • Data Studio allows the user to choose the representation of data using bar graphs, line graphs or charts.
  • Data reports can be customized for each client and can also be shared with multiple people.
  • The reports are dynamically created to allow automatic updates.
  • Google Data Studio works just like Google Docs and Google Sheets. Hence, it is very easy to make the necessary edits to the reports. 

Data Studio not only helps save time and money but also reduces the workload and enables the team to access reports within a matter of minutes. With Data Studio, teams can arrive at better decisions.

Benefits of using Data Studio to glean information from Google Data Analytics

Data Studio is an enormously successful tool because of the multiple benefits that come with it. It may look like the conventional reporting tool. But it has plenty of favorable benefits that are worth mentioning.

Compatibility with multiple data sources.

The most distinctive feature of Data Studio is its ability to draw data not only from Google Data Analytics and Google Ads but also from third-party sources like Facebook, Instagram, MySQL, Twitter, Mailchimp, Search Console, etc. The data that is pooled from these multiple sources creates reports that contain all the important aspects such as finance, marketing campaigns and operations of a business. 

Creates dynamic, interactive real-time reports

Data Studio allows to simultaneously make real-time edits and include real-time data into the reports. It also has other dynamic options to filter reports based on the users, time, date, and other vital parameters. It also has the option of allowing a few widgets to display current information or setting the data to the previous month. 

Creates readable reports for everyone

Data Studio reports can be compiled into single or multiple pages along with a customized layout for every client’s report. Besides, it is very easy to change fonts, colors, themes and sizes to make each report distinctive. The team can also add anywhere from one to ten widgets to create innovative layouts that allow support of effective decision-making processes. 

Publishing reports on social media platforms

With Data Studio at one’s disposal, it is easier to publish reports across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The process requires embedding the reports and then sharing them to demonstrate achievement, study or experiment. 

Free training for Google Data Studio

Learning to master Data Studio requires a bit of training. It is extremely beneficial that Google provides report tutorials, videos, and data source tutorials to better understand the working process of Data Studio. These resources give better insight about various important aspects of the marketing campaign. 

Access to multiple widget options

Data Studio allows the user to share the data in multiple ways, unlike Google Analytics that limits the user to only twelve graphs or charts. Widget options like pie charts, time-series graphs, and heat graphs give the user plenty of freedom to create reports and convey data in whichever way they want to.

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