Expert Tips for higher google ranking

How Google assesses the quality of your search results

Google’s algorithms are world-famous for the nitty-gritty complexities that make it challenging to find practical steps to optimize a website. Google is a clever machine and staying ahead of it is the way to make a website successful.

So how exactly does Google measure the success of a webpage? Google’s algorithms can detect certain elements on a page and it is the characteristics of those elements that earn the page brownie points with Google.

Most people think that everything Google does is digitally controlled. But the search engine has human testers to assess the quality of pages, and this is what they do:

  • Testers create queries for sample searches..
  • Testers look for different qualifying factors with the search results.
  • The quality factors are rated by the testers.
  • The testers post the ratings on for evaluation by Google.
  • Google reviews it to assess the quality of the page.

The page’s success has a direct impact on Google Analytics, which in turn impacts the SEO or the entire website.

6 steps to climb Google ranks with a high-quality webpage

1. Adopting honest SEO practices.

When it comes to SEO, there are no two ways about making the most of it. To create noteworthy content, one should adopt straightforward practices, rather than resorting to sneaky ones.

Google has its ways to identify and root out dodgy SEO hacks and shortcuts. The best digital marketing agency will focus more on Google’s “don'ts” rather than the dos. Google is clever enough to place a red flag on pages that are loaded with keywords. It can also spot plagiarized content. Google’s filter is a fine one and passing through it without any major red alerts is the first success for a website.

2. Create an easily-navigable layout.

A webpage is successful when it has a quick load time, and a clear, uniformly structured content. A web page must be user-friendly for even the most non-tech savvy visitor. No one wants to lurk around on a page that beats around the bush without getting to the crux of the matter. The important parts of a web page should be in tandem with the search. A user-friendly page will have related articles, directories and overhead menus.

3. Use attractive multimedia

When a visitor opens a web page, what he wants to see is visually appealing images or videos that correlate to the main content of the page. No one wants to be bombarded with volumes of content. This is one of the important parameters that is measured by Google. It is well-aware of the fact that the average human mind is more attracted to pages infused with the right pictures.

4. Time spent on feature-rich pages

Google keeps track of the time from the moment a visitor plugs a query, clicks on a chosen website or page and the time they spend on that page. The dwell time or the number of minutes a user stays on a page indicates the effectiveness of the page. Google also tracks how fast a visitor exits a page and goes back to look for another site- which is a bad indicator for the web page.

5. Quality of page content

It is a well-known fact that content is king. Usage of keywords, the length and word count of the page are crucial players when it comes to content. Google has an eye on lengthy pages that offer valuable and resourceful content with the right keyword usage. It appreciates robust pages that have valuable content because the user tends to spend more time on such pages, thus effectively increasing the dwell time of those pages.

6. The number and quality of external and internal links

The number of links and their quality on a web page is a big indicator of the trustworthiness of that page. The links are the indicators that judge the honesty of a page, and this is something that Google looks forward to. Google also values other authorities that use a particular page as a reference.

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