Three Common Pay Per click Strategies and Why they are effective

What are the benefits of PPC services to your business?

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PPC marketing campaigns is one of the smartest methods to dictate the position in SERP and boost the best kind of traffic to the website. The best part of PPC campaigns is they offer businesses complete control over the site pages the prospects land to and for what search terms they rank for. PPC campaigns are classified into several types and each type comes with different end goals and strategies. If you are thinking of obtaining PPC services, you have to know which kind of PPC campaign works for your business and gives the results you are aiming for. Are you running a PPC campaign for the first time for your business? Well, get help from the reputed digital marketing company in Coimbatore as they assist you in finding out which strategy is best to accomplish your goals and also runs the campaigns as per your business budget.

Know about the types of PPC services

In this blog, we have shared some exclusive PPC strategies that you should know and follow for the best results.
  •         Offer based campaigns:
It comes in several forms as offer based campaigns aim to expand the addressable market of the company and helps in drawing fresh leads to the funnel. It needs more education and may take a long time for results. Offer based campaigns help in generating more sales since they are developed to present a MoFu (middle of the funnel) and ToFu (top of the funnel) offer. As they present a special offer, these campaigns should be closely knit with particular keywords that are appropriate to the sale or offer you are promoting. Remember, ToFu campaigns are useful during the offseason and non-offer periods. MoFu campaigns are helpful during peak sale seasons.
  •         Remarketing campaigns:
Remarketing means when you add an item to a shopping cart and leave the website, you would continuously see the item ads though you browse other websites. It is because of PPC marketing. You may wonder how this item is exactly displayed as an ad. Remarketing campaigns keep following the visitors once they leave the website and a vast network of Google displays relevant ads to the visitors. It is an excellent strategy if you are thinking to focus on leads who are not willing to convert on the first visit and enhance overall brand awareness. It also enhances the efficiency of the marketing campaign by making sure that the latest feature or offer obtains more substantial recognition.
  •         Branded campaigns:
It means bidding on a branded keyword to make sure that the website of the company positions on the top page when the users search by name. These campaigns are known for higher conversion than any other PPC campaigns since they denote a kind of brand familiarity. Moreover, it also helps people to find the company easily. It is an excellent option when your company name does not rank in SERP organically.

PPC campaign tips by Coimbatore digital marketing company

Ensure the PPC ad is appropriate:

When you are using PPC, do not think that you do not have to do any work. You have to ensure that the ad is the best response to the query of the customers and highly relevant. If your ad is not relevant, your competitors can run the same ad effectively and attract potential customers, gaining the sale. We recommend using DKI- it means dynamic keyword insertion. It automatically adds the keyword searched by the user in the advertisement. Thus, your ad would look relevant and appropriate. This feature is available in Bing and Google.

Research keywords:

Keyword research is very important in digital marketing, be it you are doing SEO, PPC, email marketing, or content marketing. You have to look out for the search phrases used by the potential audiences. The words should focus on the needs and interests of the audience. If you do not perform keyword research, there are chances of drawing the wrong people to your website. Make use of Google keyword planner as it helps in displaying competition, estimated CPC (cost per click), and associated suggestions that help in building keyword lists. Also, by entering your website URL in Google, you can find relevant keywords instantly.

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