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Are you a business owner or marketing director who looks after the PPC marketing strategies of your company but not involved in everyday management?  If so, then you should know certain brief information regarding Bing Ads and Google Adwords platform. It is necessary to see that your marketing channel beats the return of investment goals. If you think that your ad is not performing well as planned, then you have to analyze where you are missing and how to rectify the issue. We suggest getting help from a leading PPC services company as they have experience and use advanced tools to make every campaign a successful one. Digital SEO- one of the top digital marketing agencies in Coimbatore  showcases transparent results for every PPC campaign you are running and managing. We have shared some frequently asked questions and answers you should check out to make your PPC efforts a success.

FAQ and solutions shared by a top PPC services company

  1.       My PPC ads do not appear in the search engine, why?
  •         Keyword:

It may look obvious however, the keyword that is searched frequently should be taken into account. It is always recommended to do double-checking and it also takes only a few seconds.

  •         Ad rank:

If the ad rank of your keyword is low, then your ad will not be displayed 100% of day-to-day search volume. You can evaluate this by seeing the lost impression share of the campaign.

  •         IP exclusion:

IP addresses can get excluded in the search ads while running the campaign. It is developed to stop fraud clicks from fraudulent IPs. However, it is at times utilized to stop unaware employees from clicking their own paid ads.

  •         Bid adjustments:

When you search on the mobile device, then there are chances for you to not view the ads since bid adjustments control mobile traffic.

  •         Budget:

If the daily budget of the campaign is not high to obtain the entire search volume, then Google would display your ad limit to help you in staying within your ad budget.

    2.   What is the reason for the increasing cost per click (CPC)?

  •         Quality score:

When the quality score is less, then click costs will be high. Several variables will be taken into account when estimating the quality score. Some of the major variables are landing page relevance, ad relevance, and click-through rate. Ensure to put complete efforts to improve all of the variables. 

  •         Competition:

There are chances for your competitors to optimize the keywords from time to time just like you do for your budget. Due to this, the cost of the CPC would be drastically increased. 

  1.       Which is the best platform to advertise: Yahoo or Bing?

It is well known that Google search engine is the world’s popular and cost-effective platform for PPC. However, if you are thinking of advertising on search engines, you can consider promoting your business on a Bing search engine. It performs just like Google and also helps in obtaining cost-effective traffic than Google.

Do I need to approach a digital marketing agency for managing my PPC?

PPC campaigns can be managed on their own but you need to spend time and efforts till you stop or pause the campaign. Some business owners just run the campaign and forget about it. Due to this, they would end up spending a lot of money and miss to track the output. When you outsource to a professional PPC company, you can enjoy various benefits such as:

  •         Partners offer results-focused and excellent service:

They offer an exceptional level of service according to Google’s standards. If you are thinking to invest a large sum in PPC, you have to select an agency that offers excellent services verified by Google.

  •         They have experience:

You can be sure of the output and performance of the ads when you partner with experts. They produce a campaign that is tested and tried to obtain the ultimate results.

  •         Increase revenue:

It is possible to see an excellent return on investment and there would not be any wastage of money. If you are running a PPC campaign for the first time, we recommend to sign up with a Google certified agency.

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