Best and Most Popular CMS Platforms in 2021

Coimbatore web design company briefs on CMS platform

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Are you thinking about building your website and wondering which CMS platform to use? A content management system or CMS is a software that lets you easily create a website and manage content. When you do not use a CMS platform, you have to be well versed in coding and master languages such as CSS programming, JavaScript, and HTML language to develop a website. With a CMS platform, you can develop a website without knowing programming and writing code.

However, though you use the CMS platform, you have to spend several hours to develop a website. It is the reason we suggest you approach a leading web design company. This way, you can see a professional responsive website in quick time. For example, when you approach DS Coimbatore – they assist you from website design, development, and site launch to digital marketing. Known as the best SEO services company in Coimbatore, the experts give personal attention to the client’s needs and offer solutions accordingly.

Tips to select the top CMS platform

  • There are numerous CMS platforms and it is challenging to choose the best one. Before starting to compare the platforms, let us discuss the features of a good content management system.


    The cost of some top CMS platforms is reasonable with a monthly fee and some are available for free of cost. When you use free CMS platforms, you have to pay for the web hosting services, designs, and third-party extensions. Ensure to research well about the pricing when selecting the CMS. Thus, you can avoid last-minute surprise bills.

    Support and help options:

    With the CMS platform, website development is easily possible and straightforward. However, you may have some doubts before starting or while developing the website. For instance, if you get stuck in the middle, you should see what support and help the CMS providers offer. It is good to choose a provider that has a customer support team or a large supportive community that helps you at any time.

    Addons and extensions:

     All the websites are not the same. It is the reason it is challenging for the CMS platforms to include all the features that are necessary for the website. Addons and extensions solve that issue. You have to install the software separately, add new features, or extend features when required. It is almost like applications for the CMS platform.

    Ease of use:

    The CMS you are choosing should be simple to create and edit content. When it has a drag and drop feature, you can easily add various elements to the pages. If it is straightforward and quick, you can easily make changes whenever needed or even after publishing.

Top CMS Platforms suggested by the best digital marketing agencies in Coimbatore


It is free of cost CMS platform that has different extensions and templates. To use this, you would require a domain name and host.

  • It is best for an e-commerce store since it consists of appropriate extensions.
  • It is open-source and there are several communities to support when you get stuck.
  • It is simple to edit the content on this platform. It is suitable for both experienced          developers and amateurs.
  • It comes with plenty of options and is highly flexible. It is an excellent option if you are building a bespoke or complicated website.

It is the number one option and popular all over the world. At present, about 35% of sites on the internet are developed using the platform.

  • It offers the freedom and flexibility to develop any kind of website like a membership site, auction site, online store, etc.
  • You do not require coding knowledge or technical skills.
  • It is simple to develop attractive pages on this platform.
  • It consists of thousands of plugins and themes that are both free and paid. You can add useful addons to your websites such as photo galleries, contact forms, and more.


Another popular e-commerce CMS platform in the world is WooCommerce. It is simple to manage and highly flexible.

  • It comes with Stripe and PayPal payments by default.
  • It is possible to manage the inventory through WooCommerce, thus you can easily track what is available as stock.
  • It has numerous extensions and permits to add new functions to the site.
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