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The Latest SEO Trends 2018 That You Need To Adhere To Stay On Top

The Latest SEO Trends 2018 That You Need To Adhere To Stay On Top

New Year 2018 has arrived! As usual, the SEO world is ready with its list of resolutions which are supposed to guide us in the right way in taking more efforts to achieve something big in this year. The year 2017 is was undoubtedly known to be a seismic year for the SEO world, as it has witnessed search engine’s drastic steps, which have changed many rules in such a way that even some of the highly ranked websites have fallen in the rankings. It is time for us to watch these trends in order to use some innovative SEO strategies to get better results. As per digital marketing companies in Chennai, the search engine updates reveal many changing trends in the algorithm.

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Gone are the days wherein the placements of keywords and backlinks guaranteed in taking the website to the top in search engine rankings. Ever since search engines have started collecting more information about us, the search results are becoming accurate and even look more personalized than in the past. The SEO’s challenge today is beyond the ones that are practiced in the last few years. More than the contents and meta tag optimization, the real challenges lie in offering an assured and frictionless user experience while providing the exact information at the needed time.

What To Look Forward To Sync With The Changing Trends?

Enhanced features of SERPs: Undoubtedly, reaching to the top position on the search engine result pages is the primary goal of every SEO professional. This is not only vital for reaching the coveted position but also to keep consistency as much as possible. Things are not rosy in this year 2018 since achieving the top slot in the rankings is no longer sufficient to get the right traffic.

As the present SERP is mixed with numerous things such as ads, videos, links, widgets and many more, it is easily possible for the website to get lost in the crowd. Some of the new features that are dominating in the recent SERPs include News Block, AdWords, reviews, tweets, shopping results,etc. By keeping the keyword optimization intact, we need to factor the other offsite components.
In the present scenario, one may even wonder how you can rank and monitor the ranking amidst all these cluttered new features. This is the time for every SEO expert to make use of the Rank Tracker that allows you to track the rankings as well as guides to alter the keywords that are holding back the possible traffic.
Precisely structured snippets: Both regular and rich snippets are vital. However, how these snippets are structured is an important factor for search engines to produce the data. Though this change may look very insignificant to the eye of SEO experts, findings have shown that well-structured snippets attract more clicks which are directly linked to the potential sales. In this context, one can even make use of the website Schema.org that offers valuable tips for structuring these snippets in a proper manner.
Your Site Speed: Speed is the essence of a successful website. If the needed page is not loaded within few seconds, the frustrated user switches to another site to get the right solution. People do not prefer slow pages anymore, however good they may be. Remember, speed is considered to be vital importance to the users and hence no SEO expert should compromise. Speed is another essential element that exists for long years. However, more emphasis has to be given to speed while moving into the year 2018. Google recommends the time of less than three seconds and to know further you can browse PageSpeed Insights offered by Google that offers some valuable inputs.

Know The Importance Of Voice Search

The year 2017 has witnessed one of the biggest SEO trends through the increasing aspect of searches made by voice. This is mainly due to the behavioral changes of mobile users who always prefer the convenience of speaking instead of typing. Knowing these trends Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa and Google's Echo have dramatically changed their voice recognition software programs in tune with the needs of mobile users. Perhaps, this trend will stay and may continue for long years. SEO professionals have to bear this in their minds and need to improve the websites beyond keywords and phrases and learn to include many of the conversational terms and sentences. As per predictions, more than fifty percent of searches will be made through voice in the next couple of years.

Create and emphasize mobile-friendly websites: For a good website, being mobile-friendly is no longer an optional feature, and in fact, it a mandatory as smartphones dominate the landscape of browsing activities. Hence, SEO experts need to understand that the feature of mobile-friendliness has become one of the key search ranking factors. Though this is not a new observation, SEO experts need to be watchful as more and more mobile devices are coming out with different kinds of voice search functions.

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More focus on mobile-first indexing: With the phenomenal growth of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, Google has introduced mobile-first indexing in its search criteria during 2017. Hence today’s challenge is to shift our SEO strategies towards mobile straight away. According to experts, the need for this change has moved from optional to mandatory from 2018.
As SEO professionals, if we are not fully in sync with the latest trends that are happening around us in our SEO world we risk a backlash from our clients as well as losing our cutting-edge sooner or later. With these changing trends in current scenarios, SEO is no more a fashionable topic as in the past, it is mandatory for every SEO to recognize these trends that are likely to happen in this year. Let us embrace these trends in a positive manner in order to beat the competition. We need to make these changes faster in order to get the best results before the end of this year 2018. The sooner you adapt to these changes better will be your bottom line.

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