Name of the Company : Estate Sales Eugene Oregon

How We Went About It

After several in-depth analysis and team meetings, our team at DigitalSEO was able to recreate a stunning website and branding suite that matched the company’s ideals and appealed to the customers they were targeting. Together with that we launched a full scale online experience and exposure that offered way more than a regular estate sales website, with an apt design and target market specific info.

Formulating the Business Plan

Strategist and providing the proper framework for capturing the online market in estate sales was the primary motive. Our chosen strategy was to have a marketing mix that added value to the business. With key focus on the business objectives, we decided to identify what clients needed / wanted and the best way to satisfy those needs and wants.This sound planning has undoubtedly established us as the leading SEO company in Chennai.

Website Redesign & Architecture Alterations

Our goal was to create a web experience that matched the ideology, feel and conveyed Estate Sales Eugene Oregon’s commitment to the buying community and sellers. What resulted was a visually compelling and stunning website that reflects the company’s unique place in the estate sales market. The website architecture was framed to provide a unique web presence that markets their services, conveys their brand and culture and most importantly draws in new contacts everyday.

We were able to succinctly present Estate Sales Eugene Oregon’s new offerings and services while making the website a beautiful and enjoyable digital experience for visitors.

Adding Value Through Adwords

With the company looking to grow and increase their market share in Oregon, we knew that the ad channels thus chosen must be specifically targeted to extract maximum value. Since, it is a destination style business, people already are aware about estate sales and its benefits. People however are on the look-out for better prices and better service, hence we used Adwords as an effective medium as their customer searches were very specific. We used Geo targeting and placement targeting to bring online searches to the estate sales. We developed a campaign strategy that utilised search ad extensions. Through optimisation of top keywords, Estate Sales Eugene Oregon was able to reach individuals who were looking out for estate sales in the area.

With estate sales buyers and sellers being the primary target, we weren’t shy to promote the lead generation mailing list. We ensured that they found an easy way to subscribe thereby ensuring that the list slowly but surely grew to more than the expected numbers.

We introduced live chats on the website to facilitate interactions of potential buyers and sellers with the representatives of the company. This helped them big time and apart from becoming a marketing tool it also aided in establishing their presence for future sales campaigns.

We launched an aggressive social media campaign to promote their estate sales which needed that kind of advertisement.We increased exposure to estate sales through regular Twitter and Facebook posts that helped announce regular sales and upcoming sales to their customers.